Free Fire OB40 Update: Features & Updates

Free Fire OB40 Update: Features & Updates

Free Fire OB40 Update: Features & Updates

Hey friends, welcome back to an article where we are going to provide you with some amazing update that is related to the game free fire as well as free fire max regarding the OB40 update. As you all know, soon an update will be organized from the developers which will be the patch update and the OB40 update. You need to install this update. After that, you are going to see a lot many changes in the game and considerably this post is going to be about the same here you are going to know the details of Free Fire Max OB40 Update Details: Features And Updates.

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Free Fire OB40 Update: Details

Free Fire OB40 Update: Features & Updates

So friends, as we all know, every OB update in the game brings out several changes including the assets and environment in the game. Likewise, there are huge changes made in the OB40 update, and will lie to you to be injected soon. So below we are going to provide certain update details.

Free Fire OB40 Update: Features & Updates

  1. General Changes
    • There will be no gloo walls in the game instead you will have a gloo maker device equipped automatically before landing and you will now not be able to carry many gloo walls
    • In CS Ranked Mode, a new zone is going to be included which is Rim Nam Village
    • From OB40 onwards, players will be able to use two active skills at once in the clash squad ranked mode
  2. Items introduction
    • A new character will be introduced with an active skill named Sonia is considered to be the most powerful character ever launched
    • Cube land will be introduced where you can get reached after being killed and get revived as well as you can revive your whole teammates too
  3. In-Game Changes
    • Some character skills are going to be optimised including nerds and buffs
    • Elite Alok would be injected
    • Pistols are getting nerfs while shotguns are getting buffs

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So, friends, these are some major and important updates that you are going to face in the upcoming OB40 update in the free fire as well as free fire max. Hopefully, this article would be useful and helpful to you, so share it with your friends and also be tuned for upcoming updates about free fire and free fire max.


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