What Is Guild War In Free Fire Max?

What Is Guild War In Free Fire Max?

Currently, in Our Free Fire And Free Fire Max Game, the developers launched a lot of new features after the update of OB42, one of which is an important feature known as Guild 2.0. You must know what Guild 2.0 is because we have introduced a lot of articles about it and even if you do not know, we are going to give you all the details in this article today. In today’s article, we are going to share the details with you. For this reason, we would like to request that you read this entire article carefully without missing any part at the end. However today’s title is What Is Guild War In Free Fire Max?

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What Is Guild 2.0 In Free Fire Max?

What Is Guild War In Free Fire Max?

If you are an old player of the game Free Fire and Free Fire Max, so you must know in a very good way that a group is formed in the free fire which we know by the name of the guild and this guild is an integration of many members such as 30 members, 40 members Or 50 members and it is carried out by a lot of activities in a guild so that every member can get some special rewards.

The guild had been going on for a long time in the game Free Fire, but after the last update i.e. after the update of OB42, this guild was upgraded and the name was given to the guild was Guild 2.0 after which a tournament is being held from that time. The tournament is known as Guild Wars. Let’s know about this guild war tournament.

What Is Guild War In Free Fire Max?

If we try to understand Guild War in a very simple language, then this is a tournament played at a very small level. Saying a small level does not mean that you will not get the benefit in this tournament, but in this, you will be able to play the nearest section players, that is, in the Guild Wars, you will be able to enjoy a dedicated mode with your own guildmates.

Yes, there is a twist that only guild members will be able to play. So get ready to play a separate and very fun turn. Now you should move forward so that we could state the features and importance of Guild Wars Tournament In Free Fire Max.

What Are The Features Of Guild Wars In Free Fire Max?

If you play The Guild Wars, then you get a chance to win different rewards in it, which are very premium rewards. Along with it, you will get the special guild protection card so that if in return, you play with your guild members, the negative score will not incur, it means, your score after the first match (equipping it) will not go to negative. Along with this, other rewards are also available like gold and supply crates.

The second benefit you are going to have from The Guild War is that as soon as you play the mode, you will get to see some special tokens which you can claim. By using these tokens, you can achieve some items by going to the special store through the exchange zone. That is, you can exchange some rewards by some tokens that you get by playing the Guild War.

What Is Special About Guild Wars In Free Fire Max?

What Is Guild War In Free Fire Max?

The guild is one of the biggest features in Free Fire Max and that is the guild war which is a special mode, it is available only from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm on Saturday, that is, you will be able to play the guild war 1 day in a week while the remaining 6 days, this mode is unavailable.

If you want to know How To Play Guild Wars And How To Participate In This Tournament, then do not forget to read our next article because we will cover all the details in the same article.

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In today’s article, we have shared some special details with you which is connected to The Guild 2.0 and we have just shared the details related to What Is Guild War In Free Fire Max? We hope that these whole details are very good If you have understood in the way we have explained, do not forget to read our next article because we are going to tell you in the next article How You Can Participate And Play The Guild Wars. Please share this article with your friends and stay connected with us


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