Free Fire Valentine’s Royale: Get New Emotes For Free

Free Fire Valentine's Royale

Free Fire has introduced a new luck royale event in the game, named Valentine’s Royale. Players can obtain the I heart You and Heartbroken emote from this Valentine’s Royale event.

Free Fire Valentine’s Royale




Through the Valentine’s Royale Event, players can obtain the following Items:

  • I Heart You Emote
  • Heartbroken Emote
  • Heartbreak Cupid Bundle
  • Sweetheart Cupid Bundle
  • Rose Bandana 
  • Pink Dragon Backpack
  • Broomstick Of Love
  • I jump Parachute Skin
  • You Jump Parachute Skin
  • Pet Skin: Waggor in love
  • Pink Heart Profile art
  • Blue Heart Profile art
  • Pink Roses Profile Cover 
  • Romantic Love Profile Cover 
  • 10x Heartbeat Token 
  • 5x Heartbeat Token 
  • 3x Heartbeat Token 
  • 2x Heartbeat Token 
  • Phantom Weapon Loot Crate
  • M4A1 Pink Laminate Weapon Loot Crate

In this Free Fire Valentine’s Royale Event, players will receive any random reward from the following list as their luck in the game.

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Main Rewards

Main Rewards

There are two primary rewards of this new luck royale event of Free Fire, the first is Heartbroken Emote, and the second is I Heart You Emote. Both these rewards are the main attraction of this event.

I Heart You Emote: This Emote is an old emote of the game, but Garena has prested it again in the Luck Royale event. The character performs an I Love You emotion when players use this emote.

Heartbroken Emote: This Emote is a new emote in the Garena Free Fire. Mainly players are taking part in this event only because of this emote. The character shows a Heartbroken feeling when players use this emote.

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How to Partake In Free Fire Valentine’s Royale

How to Partake In Free Fire Valentine's Royale

You can participate In Free Fire Valentine’s Royale event by following these steps:

  • Open Free Fire Game, Log into your account.
  • You will see a “Luck Royale section” on the game’s main screen. Click on it.
  • Now, scroll down the page and click on “Valentine’s Royale.”
  • Here you can click on the “Spin” Button and obtain the rewards of this event. 

You have to pay 40 Diamonds for one spin and 400 Diamonds for 10 + 1 extra spin.

How To Get Free Fire Valentine’s Royale Emotes For Free? 


If you want to get I Heart You Emote and Heartbroken Emote for free, then you can use the Free Fire emote Unlocker Tool. There are many apps for acquiring free emotes in the free fire. You can also use them to obtain free emotes. 

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