Upcoming Weapon Royale In Free Fire: Frenzy Bunny

Upcoming Weapon Royale In Free Fire Frenzy Bunny

Welcome to our new post. Today, we will introduce you to the upcoming 100% assured weapon royale in free fire max for our Indian server. Guys, weapon royale, must be familiar to you all. If not, we would likely state that it is a luck royale based on your spin’s luck. The luckier you are, the faster the primary rewards you will be able to get from the luck royale section. 

The weapon royale section includes a permanent skin of any weapon that concludes any of the ARs, SMGs, Marksman Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol, Sniper, etc. Hence you can get the item upon your luck via this royale. So without getting late, let’s unveil the Upcoming weapon royale in Free fire max – frenzy bunny.

Overview of the Upcoming Weapon Royale in Free Fire Max Frenzy Bunny

Overview of the Upcoming Weapon Royale in Free Fire Max Frenzy Bunny

The next upcoming weapon royale in free fire is going to have all weapons of the frenzy bunny series, upon which only the skin of Charge Buster has been unveiled till now. So the new weapon royale will have Frenzy bunny, Charge Buster weapon skin. This gun (Charge Buster) is a newly arrived weapon skin in Free fire and Free fire max. It is included in the section of shotguns. As the name describes its charging effects, the working is the same. It usually gets charged after you keep pressing the fire button, and the more you give time, the more it gets charged and produces greater damages that reset after getting full charge after 5 seconds. So you have to use its charged bullet within 5 seconds. Otherwise, you will need to set it again.

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Attributes of the Upcoming weapon skin

Attributes of the Upcoming weapon skin

The skin is based on a carnivore rabbit, and the colours are organized by taking a mixture of black, red, orange, and golden colours. A carnivore rabbit is holding the gun with its sharp nails. And there are inclined fumes of fire upon the gun. For more details, you can refer to the pics.

The attributes of this gun skin are

  • ++ RANGE

Review: Frenzy bunny Charge Buster weapon skin

This gun looks fantastic, there is no doubt, but why should anyone waste their vouchers upon a weapon that has no functional attributes. Due to only its characteristics, many players will not like the gun. However, there is no missing point in its structure. For a showoff, you can definitely take it out.

So, guys, I hope this article will be helpful to you, and you might have seen a unique item and the very first skin of Charge Buster in weapon royale. Be attached with us for similar updates and all hit news about the free fire and free fire max.


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