Use These Redeem Codes On 22 Jan To Obtain Free Rewards In Free Fire

Use These Redeem Codes On 22 Jan To Obtain Free Rewards In Free Fire

Garena free fire launches new redeem codes for players and other partner program members. Using these redeem codes, you can acquire many in-game rewards, such as weapon loot crates, pet skins, characters, Vehicle skins, Gloo wall skins, and many more fantastic things. 

We have collected all these redeem codes from the trusted members of the free fire partner program. If you want to use these redeem codes, you can copy them and redeem them on the official FF redemption site. 

Free Fire Redeem Codes

These newly launched Free Fire Redeem Codes are:

  • SHDG-SHDY-UDY78 – Everything Goes Bundle
  • SDGT-DHY7-FKI9 – Prismatic Energy Bundle
  • FGT7-DJ8F-DJUI – Pet Skin: Prismatic Flow Yeti
  • HHFY-DHFY-FKJU – Crown Token
  • D3FY-D8FY-F23U – 3x Crown Token
  • D2FY-D5FY-F3JU – 5x Crown Token
  • D1FY-D5FY-F43U – 10x Crown Token
  • DHFY-DJFU- HDDU- Up Here Cap For Male
  • DHFY-DKDI-DLOI – Up Here Cap For Female
  • DJFH-DRY7-FRU9 – Lightning Weapon loot create
  • D5FY-FJYR-EJ87 -Swagger Dwnage Weapon loot create
  • SFTF-UYR7-EI89 – DJ Alok Character
  • DGF6-DHF7-DJDF – Detective Panda Pet Skin

These codes can provide you with so many exciting rewards. Mainly these codes are created to obtain the rewards of the latest J Balvin Luck royale event. Many players have already got the prizes from the official event page. The remaining players who cannot partake in the event can use these codes.

The latest bundles of free fire: Everything goes, and prismatic energy are the main attraction of players, and many peoples want to get these bundles by using redeem codes. But, the redeem codes available for these bundles are limited; hence only a few players can obtain these bundles for free.  

If you can’t get a code for these bundles, you can wait till the next week. Free fire will again bring the latest redeem codes for all these fantastic cosmetics of the game. 


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