Upcoming Gloo Wall Skin In Free Fire: Heatbound Desert

Upcoming Gloo Wall Skin In Free Fire Heatbound Desert

Hello dear readers, today we are presenting a brand new in-game item from the free fire max international server that is confirmed to appear in our Indian server. After huge tries of the quest, we were able to find out a brand new Gloo wall skin named Heatbound Desert. We are very excited to review this Gloo wall skin. So must read this article till last.

There are different categories of Gloo wall types such as the simple, wall-based, animated, mini, more giant, extra spread. But today, we are including a simple kind of Gloo wall, and all information from overview to review and the event that will possess this Gloo wall skin is listed below.

New Latest Upcoming Heatbound Desert Gloo Wall Skin In Free Fire

Overview Of New Heatbound Desert Gloo Wall Skin

Overview Of New Heatbound Desert Gloo Wall Skin

Like the name Heatbound Desert Bundle, it has some inherited property from the bundle, but the patterns and the theme are different. The new Gloo wall skin Heatbound Desert is a green and black colour composition. Unlike other Gloo walls, this one also is simple and normally curved, but this Gloo wall is based on a golden eagle design. Yes, the Gloo wall has the print of an eagle that is coloured by light golden and darker shade golden in a twisted format of patterns as shown in the pic.

Other than the print of this eagle, the Gloo wall has small hexagonal designs upon which the centers are glowing in red colour. It seems like any flame. The right and left sides of the gloo wall have repeated curved designs. Moreover, you can see the pics.

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Review Of Gloo Wall – Heatbound Desert

Review Of Gloo Wall Heatbound Desert

This upcoming Gloo wall is unique, and there are almost limited black-coloured Gloo wall skins in our game free fire max. Unlike other Gloo wall skins, this time’s design is different but valuable and amazing. My personal choice over this Gloo wall goes in favour only if this Gloo wall will cost less than 800 diamonds or if it appeared in a top-up event.

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Which event will have the Gloo wall skin Heatbound Desert?

Perhaps we could specify that our Indian server players will see this Gloo wall in any top-up event or in any luck royale with any bundle (i.e., the luck royale will have two grand prizes, upon which will have this Gloo wall skin). 

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So, guys, we hope you’d like our article, and stay tuned with us to get the latest news about free fire max and all upcoming in-game items updates.


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