Evo Vault Event: Get 4 Different Evo Guns In Free Fire Max

Evo Vault Event: Get 4 Different Evo Guns In Free Fire Max

Ever since the OB41 Update came in our game Free Fire and Free Fire Max, we have seen a big change and it is that after the update of OB 41, we are continuously getting one or two Evo Vault Events every month. There is a chance to get Evolution Gun through this medium. Till now two Vault events have come, through which we got the opportunity to get 6 different Evolution Gun skins and now the third Evo Vault event has arrived, all the updates of which we will provide you today through this post.

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New Event In Free Fire Max : The Evo Vault

Evo Vault Event: Get 4 Different Evo Guns In Free Fire Max

First of all, we want to tell you that the Evo Vault event is an event based on luck royale which comes in our game for two weeks or a month. Evo Vault as its name suggests means you get a chance to get evolutionary items through this event.

This time in the Evo Vault Event, you will get to see four different evolution guns that have been brought to our Indian server for two weeks and this event will continue till 28th November 2023. In this Event, you will get a chance to get four different evolution gun skins which are as follows.

• Evo Skin For Thompson

• Evo Skin For M1887

• Evo Skin For Famas

• Evo Skin For AK47

How to Get Evolution Gun in Free Fire Max?

Evo Vault Event: Get 4 Different Evo Guns In Free Fire Max

• First of all you have to log in to the game

• Now you have to go to the luck royale section

• From here you have to click on the Evo vault tab

• Now the event interface will appear in front of you

• Tap on the spin options below and start making spins

• You have to make a maximum of 50 spins and you are guaranteed to get one evolution gun. If you already have that evolution gun, you will get evolution tokens in exchange for which you can upgrade any of your existing evolution guns

How Many Diamonds Are Required To Get Evolution Gun In Free Fire Max?

With our estimation, you can fetch an Evolutionary Gun Skin between the range of 1500 – 2000 Diamonds which is 100% sure.

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Through today’s article, we have shared information about the latest events that have come so far in Free Fire and Free Fire Max and we hope that you would have liked this article, so please share it with your friends. Also stay with us to get such latest updates and news related to the games Free Fire & Free Fire Max.


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