New Xayme Top-Up Event – Free Fire

New Xayme Top Up Event

Garena free fire has become the most popular mobile game nowadays. Every day Garena is launching Amazing events for their players. Here are complete details of the New Xayme Top-Up Event, So read this article thoroughly to know all about Xayne character and Xayyne’s Xtreme Bundle.

New Xayne Character Details

New Xayne Character Details
  • Tagline – Xayne is an Extremes sports athlete
  • Ability – When Activated, gain temporary HP And increased damage to gloo walls and shields.
  • Max Level – Level seven.

Xayne’s Xtreme Bundle

Xayne's Xtreme Bundle

This Bundle contains Xayne’s outfit. When Equipped. Xayne can Display her Unique animation on the spawn island.

How To Get Xayne Character

You need to Buy 200 diamonds to get the Xayne character for free. If you top Up 500 diamonds, you will also get the special xayne’s Xtreme Bundle.

Event Time

Event Time
  • From 15th of April to 21st of April

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