How To Get The Incubator AUG Skin In Free Fire?

How To Get The Incubator AUG Skin In Free Fire

So friends, welcome to our next post today, where we are going to give you the extended information of the previous post, in which we will include all the important instructions, through which you can 9btain the items from one of the latest event in Free Fire Max. If you are not knowing about it then of course you can read our previous post because in that post we have given all the information about this new event. So without any delay let us start today’s post.

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How To Get The Incubator AUG Skin In Free Fire?

How To Get The Incubator AUG Skin In Free Fire

Friends, first of all, we want to tell you that recently a new event has come in our game, which is placed in the Luck Royal, and now this event is The Universal Ring Event and you must be aware that it’s the event in which many items can be seen. If we talk about the contents of this event, then few of the incubator skins has also been included in it, which is considered to be the best skin ever. Along with this, three new skills of Mac10 have also been launched, and to their attributes no replies are required. You can get the full details by going to our previous post and you can see the uploaded image for information about its attributes. Let us know how you can get these skins very easily?

How To Get The Incubator AUG Skin In Free Fire?

How To Get The Incubator AUG Skin In Free Fire

• First you have to log in to your game

• Now you have to come to Luck Royale Section

• After this you will see a tab named Mac10 X AUG Ring, you have to click on it

• Now you will get the items that you were interested in, below that interface, you will see two options to make spin, the first one will cost you 20 diamonds and the second option will be a spin that will cost you 200 diamonds

• Now you have to spin with any option and we advise you to spin using the second option

• Spin until you get either the top incubator skin, Mars Landcrusher AUG, or 250 Universal Ring Tokens

• If you have received Universal Tokens but haven’t received a skin, you can easily exchange those 250 Tokens for skins by coming to the Exchange Center

• After you exchange you can claim this skin and locate it into the Weapon Section

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So all the readers and my friends, in this article we have told how you can get the incubator skin through a new event which has arrived today in the game. We hope that you have liked this article, so share this article with your friends and stay with us because we keep bringing articles related to free fire every day.


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