New Ramadan Top Up Event In Free Fire: Get Free Emote And Emerald Slicer Skin (Latest Free Fire Event Today)

New Ramadan Top Up Event In Free Fire To Free Emote And Emerald Slicer Skin

Garena free fire has introduced a new event in the game named Ramadan top-up. Players can obtain the Emerald Slicer skin (Latest Free Fire Parang skin) by participating in this latest top-up event. Parang is one of the melee weapons in the game, which helps players to kill the enemies without using any weapon. In addition, players like to use the Parang skin instead of the standard Parang, and this newly launched Emerald Slicer skin is stunning in terms of looks. 

Another reward available in this event is Booyah Sparks Emote, which is the best emote in the free-fire yet. Players can collect these rewards for free by following the simple steps on the event page.

New Ramadan Top Up Event In Free Fire

New Ramadan Top Up Event In Free Fire

Every week Garena presents a new top-up event in the game, and this type of event provides players with complimentary rewards and various in-game things, free as a top-up reward. That’s why players are very excited to see these top-up events in the free fire.

Top-up events regularly come in the Garena free fire, but today’s latest event is unique because it has a legendary parang skin as a reward with a rare emote. The name of this mythical parang skin is the Emerald Slicer, and it has fire lighting and neon effects all around the blade, which makes it very beautiful. 

This newly launched parang skin is famous for its 3D effects. In addition, the Emerald Slicer parang skin has a unique feature, “show in the lobby,” using which partakers can use this skin in the lobby and waiting area of the game. The emote named booyah sparks is also a very attractive and valuable emote.

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Steps To Obtain Free Emote And Emerald Slicer Skin In Free Fire

Steps To Obtain Free Emote And Emerald Slicer Skin In Free Fire

Following are the steps to get free Booyah Sparks Emote and Emerald slicer parang skin in free fire through the latest top up event: 

  • Open the free fire game, and log in to your game account using Facebook. 
  • Click on the calendar icon, and open the primary event page of the game.
  • You will see the “Ramadan 2022” event in the second row. Click on it.
  • Now, select the Ramadan Top-up Event on the 3D tab. 
  • Click on the top-up button, and add 500 diamonds to your free fire account in order to acquire Emerald Slicer Parang Skin and Booyah Sparks Emote for free. 

If you don’t know how to top up a free fire account, you can visit here for a free top-up in your free fire ID of 100 diamonds.

What do you think about this new Ramadan top-up event of free fire? Let us know in the comments section. Stay tuned with us for more free fire news.


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