Top 5 Rarest Free Fire Emotes: That You Should Use Once

Top 5 Rarest Free Fire Emotes

There are various In-game items in Garena free fire, and Emotes are the most demanding items. In the free fire game, emotes helps players to show their feelings to opponents and teammates without using the voice talk feature.

Do you know which are the rarest emotes of free fire? If not, then read this article till the end to know about rare emotes of the latest updated version of the free fire.

Top 5 Rarest Free Fire Emotes

1. Cobra Emote 

Cobra Emote

The Cobra emote is the rarest emote of free fire game. Only a few players have this emote in their FF collection. The highlighted point of this emote is that the character performs a ground punch act with 3D lighting and neon effects whenever players use this emote. These beautiful effects make this emote the rarest emote of free fire.

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2. Crane Kick Emote

Crane Kick Emote

Crane kick emote is another legendary emote of the game. Crane kick emote added in the game through the elite pass section. When the player uses this emote, the character kick and jumps in the air. Mainly Players use this emote to troll enemies.

3. Jaguar Dance Emote

 Jaguar Dance Emote

Jaguar dance emote is one of the rarest emotes of free fire. This emote was presented at a Moco store event. At that time, many players did have accumulated this emotion. But, still, this is the rarest emote in the game.

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4. Party Dance Emote

Party Dance Emote

The Party dance emote is the most loveable emote in the free fire. Many players use this emote in ranked and classic matches of the game. Now, this emote is not avaiable for new players of the game, which is why this has become rare.

5. Halo Of Music Emote

Halo of music emote

Halo of music emote is recently presented in the Faded wheel event. You have the last chance to unlock this emote. Once the event ends, this emote will also become rare emote of free fire because Garena mainly never brings the same item twice in the game. This new Halo Of Music emote comes with beautiful dancing and lighting animations.

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What do you think about these rare free fire emotes? Let us know in the comments section.


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