New Event In Free Fire: The Emote Royale

New Event In Free Fire: The Emote Royale

Welcome once again to our new article today, where we are going to talk to you about the latest update in the Free Fire and Free Fire Max game, which is a new event and in this event you will get a brand new emote. Things in Free Fire. Sometimes usually come to fruition hence ee would like to request you to read this entire article carefully so that all the details of this event reach you and the title of today’s article is New Event in Free Fire Max: The Emote Royale

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New Event In Free Fire: The Emote Royale

A new event has hit the Indian server of Free Fire and Free Fire Max just 3 days ago. It is named as The Emote Royale and this event has been appeared under the Luck Royale Section and is based on the actual luck royale format. This simply means that by participating in this event, you can get get the items of this event by using diamonds and if you do not get the item even after doing a lot of spins, then in this condition make sure, the lucky stars should touching 100.

The event has been brought in our server for a period of two weeks and if we talk about its last day, then this event will be available till January 22, 2024, after which it will not be visible on our servers. Through the list given below, you can get information about the items present in this event and if you want us to share some guides related to this event through which you can participate in this event, so don’t forget to read our next post.

List Of Items In The New Event In Free Fire Max: The Event Royale

New Event In Free Fire: The Emote Royale
  • Bony Fumes Emote
  • Heart Broken Emote
  • The Collapse Emote
  • Multiple Costumes
  • Gun Crates

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Through this article, you have got to know about a new update that has come in Free Fire and Free Fire Max in which we have covered New Event In Free Fire: The Emote Royale and given you information about it as well we have also mentioned the items present in this event. We hope that you would have liked this article, so share it with your friends and stay connected with us to get regular updates.


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