New Event In Free Fire Max: Zenitsu Wheel

New Event In Free Fire Max: Zenitsu Wheel

In Free Fire and Free Fire Max, there are some such events regularly which motivate the players to stay in the game, due to which we also feel compelled to open the games. But how would it be if you get complete information about the game from such a platform due to which you do not need to open the game. So that platform is none other than our website where we regularly bring a dedicated article for every update related to Free Fire and Free Fire Max. So welcome again today. Now let’s start this article without any further delay.

Through today’s event, we will make you aware about the latest events in Free Fire and Free Fire Max and for your information, we want to tell you that in this article, you will get the complete information. But in our next article, you will get a step by step guide on how to get the items by getting involved in this event, so do not forget to read the next article, so let us now get the details of the event.

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New Event In Free Fire Max: Zenitsu Wheel

New Event In Free Fire Max: Zenitsu Wheel

As we all know that in Free Fire, some events come regularly which bring a lot of premium items, so in this way, such an event has come which is included in the luck royale section, apart from this, this is a faded will event. The name of this event is Zenitsu Wheel. This event has been brought to Free Fire and Free Fire Max today itself i.e. on 27 September 2023 and the last date of this event is 25 October 2023 i.e. players are getting 28 days to participate in this event and obtain the items. We will give you the complete steps to achieve this in the next article. Till then take a look at its list of rewards.

List Of Rewards In The New Event In Free Fire Max : Zenitsu Wheel

  • New Event In Free Fire Max: Zenitsu Wheel Thunder Flash Emote
  • Zenitsu Bundle
  • Pey Food
  • Parachute Skin
  • Gun Crates
  • Magic Cube Fragment
  • Supply Crate
  • Surfboard Skin

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So here are the complete details regarding the latest event in Free Fire & Free Fire Max. Hopefully you would have found the article useful. So keep us joined for more such updates about the game.


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