Best Server of Free Fire In The World

Best Server of Free Fire In The World

If you are searching for the best server in free Fire, you are at the right place. In this article, I will show you some of the best free Fire servers as per some benefits you will get for using that server. If you don’t know what a server is or how to change a server, then read this article till the end.

Garena free fire is one of the best third-party shooters and a survival game. This game is globally famous as a top battle royal game. Garena free fire has impressive features, making his game unique from other battle royal or survival games. This game has been developed by the most recognized company known as 111dots.

The publisher of the game is Garena, and it was published on 4th December 2017. Within a few years, this game has achieved massive success, and recently this game has made an achievement in the year 2021 of 150 million daily active users globally.

As we all know, free Fire is a globally popular game. This game is published in every country except some. Because of this, it is not possible to handle a huge user base in a single server which is why free Fire has made several servers.

The servers are made as per the country; if you live in the U.S., then you may play in the U.S. server; if you live in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, or any other middle east country, then you might be playing Free Fire on a middle east server. Just like that, if you live in India, you are playing on an Indian server which is denoted as IN.

What are servers in Free Fire?

There is a specific Free Fire server for each nation. Every country has a different official language. Hence it creates a gap between other non-regional peoples; that is why free Fire has created every region’s own server.

The server stores all the information and in-game data. A server is connected to several computers in a data center. All Free Fire servers are located in the nation’s capital. It has become mandatory for every globally famous game to make servers for various regions. Every seven days, when servers are put into maintenance mode, the free Fire monitors and repairs its server.

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Servers of Free Fire

As we had talked about earlier, free Fire is a globally famous game which is why it has made several servers just to fulfill the regional language gap of the user base. There are several servers of free Fire. I mentioned some servers in the above list; in this list, some servers may exist, some may not, or some are not even mentioned. This list is prepared by a detailed analysis.

Following is the list of servers available in free Fire:

Free Fire India Server (IND)

Free Fire Thailand Server (T.H.)

Free Fire Brazil Server (B.R.)

Free Fire Middle East Server (MENA).

Free Fire Mexico Server (Free Fire – LATAM).

Free Fire Taiwan Server (Free Fire)

Free Fire Russia Server (R.U.)

Free Fire Europe Server (E.U.)

Free Fire Indonesia Server (IN)

Free Fire Malaysia Server (MY)

Free Fire Vietnam Server (V.N.)

Free Fire Pakistan Server (P.K.)

Free Fire Bangladesh Server. (B.D.)

Free Fire Africa Server (SSA)

Can I change my server?

If you are a newbie to free Fire, you might not know the answer to this question as free Fire does not provide any option to change servers. But if you want to change servers, then you can do it just by following a simple process. Choose the location of the server you wish to use after downloading any VPN. Then open the Garena free Fire and log in using any Gmail, Facebook, or other option. You will see that you are at the server you want once you create an account.

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Best server of Free Fire in the world

Best Server of Free Fire In The World

The advantages of switching servers include the fact that some servers receive updates earlier, and some servers have plenty of other advantages. Following are servers with some advantages.

The India server offers the most value for the money and events.

The greatest server for early updates is Free Fire Brazil.

The best server for bundles and deals is in Indonesia.

The greatest servers for free diamonds are those in Thailand and Vietnam.

These are the best servers, in my opinion, for getting some benefits from changing a server.


There are several advantages to switching servers, including the fact that certain servers have an excellent selection of in-game products and events, while others have updates arrive first. Some players occasionally switch servers only to compete with professional players and enhance their abilities and skills. Just for getting the advantage, you can also change your free fire server.


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