New Event In Free Fire Max Today: The Lamborghini Drift

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Players, we are telling you from the very beginning that you are required to read this article till the end because very amazing things have been brought for you in our server. If you have been playing Free Fire Max continuously and you are very fond of vehicles in this game, then believe us, this article is going to prove very useful for you because a wonderful thing has came in our game, so come and read it and let’s discuss about it. Today’s Title Is New Event In Free Fire Max Today: The Lamborghini Drift.

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New Event in Free Fire Max Today: The Lamborghini Drift

New Event In Free Fire Max Today: The Lamborghini Drift

On December 1, 2023, a new event has came in which some Lamborghini cars have been made available and you can use them in the game if you get it and to get it you have to spend diamonds to buy them and we have given all its details in the previous article, so you can read it and get the guide to participate in this event so that you can get the Lamborghini car skin in your collection without any cheating.

Apart from this, a new event has been launched on another Lamborghini theme and this event has been launched today itself i.e. on 2nd December. Keep in mind that this event has come in our game only for only two weeks and after 15th December this event will disappear. We would also like to request you to participate in this event till the 15th because in this event, there is an arrival animation on a Lamborghini theme. Now perhaps you might have done your imagination and become happy, so let us move towards its further details.

What Is Lamborghini Drift Arrival Animation In Free Fire Max?

Lamborghini Drift is an arrival animation in which you appear in a red coloured Lamborghini if you enter in any formed squad and apart from this, if you make MVP after winning the game, then this arrival animation is shown every time. It is amazing and you can see the image of this arrival animation in our article but to see its full overview you will have to log in to the game with the help of the guide given below. After following the steps, you will be able to achieve the arrival animation and we will also tell you how many diamonds need to be spent in this arrival animation.

How To Get Lamborghini Drift Arrival Animation In Free Fire Max

New Event In Free Fire Max Today: The Lamborghini Drift
  • First of all you have to open the game
  • Now you have to get into the Luck Royals Section
  • From here you have to click on the Lamborghini Drift Tab
  • Now you will see that there are 10 boxes out of which two boxes have to be removed because this is a faded wheel event
  • So remove the two boxes from this royale by ticking on them and you have to spin a maximum of eight times in this royale
  • After spinning eight times, you will get the arrival animation for your Lamborghini and you can go to your vault and equip it

How Many Diamonds Are Required To Get the Lamborghini Drift Arrival Animation in Free Fire Max?

You will have to spend a maximum of 1100 diamonds to make this Lamborghini drift arrival animation yours but in some conditions, it can be lower but the chances are very low because it depends on your luck ratio so with a maximum of 1100 diamonds, you can get it and for even less, so go ahead and make this arrival animation yours by making spin in the game.

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Final words

In this article, we have told you the details of a new arrival animation called Lamborghini Drift which has come in a New Event In Free Fire Max Today: The Lamborghini Drift and we hope that you would have must liked it, so without any delay, go to the event and get this Arrival Animation. If you don’t have Diamonds yet, this event will be available till the 15th. Please share this article with your friends and stay connected with us.


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