How To Get 1000 Diamonds Daily In Free Fire (Free)

How To Get 1000 Diamonds In Free Fire

In this article, we are going to show you a step-by-step process of how to get 1000 diamonds in free fire. First, we will see how we can get 1000 diamonds through top-up, and also we will see how we can get 1000 diamonds for absolutely free.

The Garena free fire is one of the best battle royal games. This game is famous for its excellent graphics and various fantastic events. This game has won multiple awards, and recently this game has crossed more than 1 billion downloads.

Every game has its currency through which players can buy any premium items using that in-game currency. In free fire also, there is an in-game currency known as diamonds. Players can purchase various amazing things like bundles, elite passes, skins, and many more premium items through diamonds.

In Garena free fire, diamonds play an important role as it helps players to purchase various premium items using this in-game currency. There are multiple ways of getting diamonds, like a player can make a top-up (purchase) of these diamonds from any third-party website, or they can directly purchase it through the game.

If you don’t know how to purchase or get those diamonds for free, don’t worry; in this fantastic post, we will show you how to get 1000 diamonds in free fire by top-up, and we will also share a method to get 1000 diamonds for absolutely free.

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Uses of diamondsDiamonds can be used to obtain many free fire in-game items like Chrono Character, Gun skins, Level-up passes, membership, Rare bundles, etc
Diamond amount1000 Diamonds
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How To Get 1000 Diamonds In Free Fire?

Free fire free 1000 Diamonds

Let’s see how you can get 1000 diamonds through top-up. Here we will see how we can earn thousands of diamonds by using in-app diamonds purchasing. Follow the steps carefully for knowing how you can buy diamonds through the free fire application.

  1. First, open the free fire application on your device.
  2. After opening the application, click on the diamond option.
  3. After clicking on that, click on the top-up option.
  4. Then you will see the package of all the top-ups.
  5. As per your requirement, you can choose any of the packages.
  6. If you want 1000 diamonds, You can select the package of 800 rupees, in which you will get a total of 1060 diamonds.
  7. Click on that, and then you have to fill the payment options.
  8. You can buy through your debit and credit card or through a UIP ID.

By following the above simple steps, you can easily purchase 1000 free fire diamonds from the free fire in the game store. However, This will cost you a bit higher, and that is why some players make top-ups from various third-party websites. As the websites are not suggested by free fire, that is why there is a risk of losing your money. Therefore, free fire application is the best option for the safety and quick top-up of free fire diamonds.

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How To Get 1000 Diamonds In Free Fire For Free?

Get 1000 Diamonds in free fire

Here let’s see How to get 1000 diamonds in the free fire for absolutely free. We will use an application for getting diamonds for free. Through this application, you have to play games, and in return, you will get some real money. You can use that money for 1000 diamonds top-up. The application name is Toloka app. Now many players will not be aware of Toloka. Below we have mentioned full details about the Toloka application.

Get Free 1000 Diamonds Using Toloka App

Toloka is an online earning app. This application is specially made for Indians and has more than 12 regional language options.
The aim of this application is to provide money just by completing simple surveys.

The Toloka is a 100% trusted application to earn money from home. You have to complete elementary and straightforward tasks and offers, and in return, you can make real money which you can easily withdraw directly to your bank account.

Now let’s see how to get 1000 diamonds in the free fire for completely free.

  1. Download the Toloka app through the Google play store
  2. After the downloading process is completed, open the application.
  3. When you open it, sign in with your email ID; after this, you will be redirected to the application’s homepage.
  4. Here you will see various tasks, and you have to complete them one by one. 
  5. After completing the tasks, you have to click on withdraw money. 
  6. After transferring money to your bank account, open the free fire game. 
  7. Go to the top-up options where you can see various packages.
  8. Choose the 1000 diamond package.
  9. Select the payment method as BHIM UPI App.
  10. Pay the requested amount from that earned money. 
  11. After doing these, you will directly get 1000 diamonds in your free fire ID.

This method is famous for getting 1000 diamonds in free fire, and many players are already using it to obtain free diamonds daily in the game.

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Extra methods To Get 1000 Diamonds

1000 free fire diamonds

There are three more methods, which you can use to get free fire 10000 diamonds. Obtaining free 1000 diamonds in free fire is very easy by following these methods. 

Special Offer: You can obtain 1000 diamonds in free fire through the special offer. You have to purchase these offers from the offer screen of the free fire, which you can locate by clicking on the diamonds icon of the game. You can buy 3 Special Offers to obtain a total of 1000 diamonds. 

Redeem Codes: Redeem codes are the best way to get free fire free 1000 diamonds. You can check the latest list of redeem codes here. You have to use these free fire diamond redeem codes at the FF Redemption site, and then you can obtain free fire 1000 diamonds free without money from the mail section of the game. 

Redeem CodeDiamonds Amount
AGS5-SHD9-DHY71000 Diamonds
SHDY-DJU8-DKJU1000 Diamonds + 1 Magic Cube
SGT6-DHFY-DJHY1000 Diamonds + 20 Gold Coins
DFHY-FJU7-DJU91000 Diamonds + 30 Gold Coins
DHFT-ZCD4-SDH91000 Diamonds + 40 Gold Coins
DVGT-LKOP-NH7S1000 Diamonds + 20 Rank Tokens

Free Fire Diamond Generator: Free fire diamonds tools are another helpful instrument for getting 1000 diamonds in the free fire. There are lots of FF tools available on the play store, using which it is effortless to collect 1000 diamonds in free fire daily. 

FAQ’s – Free Fire 1000 Diamond Free

How to get 1000 diamonds in free fire without top up?

Follow the steps mentioned above in this article to obtain free 1000 diamonds without any top up.

Which things can be obtained in free fire with 1000 diamonds?

Using 1000 Diamonds, you can buy rare items of free fire, such as Fancy hands emote, Happy Shiba Gloo wall, and current Season elite pass.

How to get 1000 free fire Diamonds using redeem codes?

Copy the given redeem codes from above, enter them in the text box of the FF redemption site, and click on the “Redeem” button to obtain 1000 diamonds using redeem codes.

What is the special offer on free fire 1000 diamond?

If you top up 1000 diamonds in the free fire this month, you will be able to unlock any rare bundle among the three rarest bundles of all time from the event page of the game.


Diamonds play a significant role in the free fire game. In this fantastic post, we discussed a step-by-step process of getting 1000 diamonds in free fire through a top-up and for free. We had also told you about a trusted application through which you can top up 1000 diamonds for free.

The process of collecting 1000 diamonds is easy. First, you have to install an online earning app, and then you have to use it to buy 1000 diamonds. The other methods, such as a special offer and membership, are helpful ways to get 1000 diamonds directly from the official free fire game.

I hope you like this post about free fire 1000 free diamonds. Make sure to share it with your free fire buddies. Also, do comment down your questions related to this article. We will surely help you.


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