New Event In Free Fire Max: The Tapestry Wall

New Event In Free Fire Max: The Tapestry Wall

Friends, welcome to our new article, where we are going to give you some important instructions which is all about how you can get the item of that particular event by getting involved in an event of free fire. We have given the information about this event in the previous article, so please read it first, after that read this article, then you will get everything about the event in no time, so let’s start this article without of any delay.

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New Event In Free Fire Max: The Tapestry Wall

New Event In Free Fire Max: The Tapestry Wall

Friends, recently a new event has come in Free Fire yesterday i.e. on 31 August 2023, this event will remain in the Indian server till 6 September 2023, so it is a request to you that before the 6th, obtain the item. By getting involved in this event, you get its particular item. In this event, you will get to see the brand new Gloo Wall Skin which is a brand new animated skin. The name of this gloo wall is Tapestry Wall. And instructions are being given below to get this gloo wall, so please read it carefully.

How To Get The Tapestry Wall In Free Fire Max?

New Event In Free Fire Max: The Tapestry Wall

  • Login to the game
  • Now go to the events section
  • There you will see a tab namely Tapestry Wall, click on it
  • Now you will reach to the interface and there you will see that gloo wall which is bounded via 5 locks
  • You will see 5 locks that can be unlocked using diamonds
  • Just click on any one lock and spend 9 diamonds to unlock it, if your luck will be in your favour, you can get the skin even only in 9 diamonds and if not, you can continue for making spins
  • Now similarly tap on more locks and you need to unlock a maximum of 5 locks to finally get The Tapestry Wall
  • You can even get this skin in 2 or 3 unlocks, but only if your luck will favour you then, else the 5th unlock will definitely provide you the wall skin

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So guys, in this post, we have shared an article which is all about the instructions to obtain a gloo wall from the event that has been recently launched in the game free fire and free fire max. Hopefully this article would be useful to you, so must be a regular reader for further updates and information about free fire and free fire max.


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