New Event In Free Fire: Evo Bonanza

New Event In Free Fire: Evo Bonanza

Free Fire Max is the only battle royale genre game that provides us with multiple events after a very short period. Several events can be seen regularly in the game and that’s why it is the most loved Battle Royale Game worldwide. Today we are going to share the info about the latest arrived event in the game and we want you to read this entire article. So head below and read it completely.

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New Event In Free Fire: Evo Bonanza

New Event In Free Fire: Evo Bonanza

As we all know, the most popular items in the free fire are evolutionary items and no other alternatives can replace them. What if you get a chance to gain something at a huge discount related to the same evolutionary material? It is possible because a new event has been placed in our Indian server related to the same evolutionary item. Let us have all the details.

As it’s upon the evolutionary items, the event is named as Evo Bonanza. The same event was brought a day before yesterday that is, on the 23rd of October. It will remain active until the 29th Of October and during this period, players are eligible to attain the inclusive items. Now, you should have the details of items available in the event, so head below and read the entire list.

List Of Rewards In The New Event In Free Fire: Evo Bonanza

New Event In Free Fire: Evo Bonanza

  • Evolutionary Gun Token For Scar
  • Evolutionary Gun Token For AK47
  • Evolutionary Gun Token For XM8
  • Evolutionary Gun Token For AN94
  • Evolutionary Gun Token For UMP
  • Evolutionary Gun Token For MP40

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Through this article, we have made you aware of one of the latest events in the game Free Fire & Free Fire Max. We hope that the post will be useful to you. If you want to know the entire procedure to attain these items and make it yours, then don’t forget to read our next article. Also, share the posts with your friends and stay tuned.


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