Free Fire Mod APK v1.69.1 (Unlimited Diamonds)

Free Fire Mod APK Unlimited Diamonds Download

Garena free fire is a top-rated battle royale game. Recently, Garena launched the Max version Of free fire, And it also went popular. The main highlight in both games is their in-game items. Players are always greedy to acquire them, but they can’t buy them due to the insufficient amount of diamonds. That’s why they search for terms like free fire mod apk unlimited diamonds download. In this article, we will share complete details on this most demanding topic ever.

In this article, we will not share any illegal free fire mod apk. We are just going to provide some information of alternative of it. You can get free diamonds and unlock all in-game items such as characters, Skins, Bundles, Emotes, Elite passes, And many more using the methods available in this article.

What is Free Fire Mod Apk

Free Fire Mod Apk
Mod APK Name Free fire mod apk
Version 1.60.1
Updated On1-JAN-2022
Downloads 50,00,00,000+
Offered ByGarena International Private Limited
Released On1-JAN-2022
Official Download LinkOfficial Version Free Fire
AvailabilityAndroid And IOS

First of all, it is essential to know what a mod apk is before going to the downloading steps. Once upon a time, only offline games were played in India, and for offline games, It’s easy to edit their files, But after the launch of Online games like Pubg mobile and call of duty, many players started playing online games. While playing any online game, most of the data is stored on their own servers, not on the user’s phone. So it’s not easy to create a mod for online games, and it’s impossible for highly secured games like free fire. Also, Free fire Mod APK is not working after the latest “Booyah day” update of free fire. So don’t waste your precious time searching more about terms like free fire mod apk.

As we said before, free fire is a highly secured game, So if you try to use any kind of mod apk, your account will ban instantly. We also request you not to use any free fire mod apk. We do not promote these types of things, nor are we with it.

Features Of Free Fire Mod APK

Now let’s talk about some features of the free fire Mod Apk

#1. Unlimited diamonds

free fire mod apk unlimited diamonds

With the help of the free fire mod apk, you can get free unlimited diamonds in your account, and maybe diamonds are the main reason due to which you are looking for Mod apk. If you have unlimited diamonds in your account, you can buy everything needed to become a pro player in the free fire. You can also use, Free fire diamond generator to get free unlimited diamonds.

#2. Unlimited Gold Coins

Unlimited coins and diamonds

Gold coins are regular coins in free fire, which helps players to unlock average in-game items in the free fire, such as gold Ak skin, And MP40 Silver plated skin. If you want to get unlimited gold coins in free fire, then it’s possible with the help of the free fire mod apk.

#3. Auto headshot

auto headshot

Most players use the free fire auto headshot app to improve their headshot accuracy. But, in mod apk, you get a feature named “Auto headshot,” After enabling it, every bullet fired by you will connect directly on an enemy’s head. It is the most helpful feature of the free fire mod apk.

#4. Fly Vehicle

Flying vehicles in free fire

Have you ever watched a flying car in free fire ranked or classic matches? If yes, then it is only possible through the help of the “Fly Vehicle” feature of this free fire mod apk. But, it’s not a helpful feature because players lose their health points very fast after using it.

#5. Long Jump and fast run

Long jump

The speed of free fire characters is very slow, and they can’t jump high. But, after enabling the “Long jump and fast run” feature, the characters will run very fast and will also jump high. Using this feature, you can easily climb the bimasakti strip’s chimney (a location in free fire Bermuda map), factory roof, and Clock tower. However, keep in mind that you can only use this feature three times in the match.

#6. Unlimited Health (Hp)

Unlimited health

Health points (HP) play a significant role in the free fire game. Whenever someone fires bullets on free fire character, then Hp decreases very fast, and players get back to lobby if the Hp reduces to zero. When we start the match, we only get 200 HP points, But after entering the match, you can enable the “Unlimited HP.” feature. After enabling this feature, you will not get damaged by the bullets fired by enemies, and your HP will never decrease.

#7. Unlimited Ammo

Unlimited ammo

In the free fire, every gun has a limited magazine capacity (Numbers of bullets you can load in a gun), And most guns only have a magazine capacity of 30. So, free fire players face many issues while loading bullets in a gun. Furthermore, finding new shells on the map is also a complicated task, as there are different bullets for each weapon. So, in this situation, you can enable the “Unlimited ammo” feature of this mod apk. After enabling this feature, you will not need to load bullets in weapons. Also, you can shoot unlimited shots without reloading the gun. This feature will help you in close-range battles with SMG ammo guns because SMG ammo guns require lots of ammo to perform well.

#8. All characters Unlocked

free fire all characters unlocked

When you create a new account in the free fire game, by default, you only get two characters for free. The rest of the characters require diamonds to unlock, but in this free fire mod apk, you will get all the characters for free means you don’t have to pay diamonds. Using these characters, you can play the game with extra powerful abilities. The name of characters which you will get are as follows –

  • DJ ALOK Character
  • K Character
  • Joseph Character
  • Jai Character
  • Chrono Character
  • Skyler Character
  • Jota Character
  • Rafael Character
  • Alvaro Character

#9. Unlimited Items In Loadout

Loadout free fire

There are many loadout options in the free fire. Players can select them before starting the match. For example, If you choose a health pack as a loadout before the game, then after entering the game, you will get a random health item. Players need to complete various tasks to acquire these loadout items. But, in this mod apk, you will get unlimited loadout items, such as Unlimited Bounty Token, Unlimited Bonfire, Unlimited Summon Airdrop, and many more.

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Hidden Features Of Free Fire Mod APK

Features Of Free Fire Mod APK
  • Unlimited Grenades.
  • Unlimited Mushrooms.
  • Unlimited Loot.
  • Level 3 Loot Everywhere.
  • Unlimited Magic Cube.
  • Unlimited Ammo.
  • All characters Upgraded On Max Level.
  • All Premium Bundle Unlocked.
  • All Emotes Unlocked.
  • All Vehicle skins Unlocked.
  • All parachute skins Unlocked.
  • All backpack Skins Unlocked.
  • All Surfboard skins Unlocked.
  • All Loot Box Skins Unlocked.
  • All pet Unlocked.

Minimum Requirements to Run Free Fire Mod APK

Minimum Requirements to Run Free Fire Mod APK

Here is the List of Minimum requirements to run the free fire mod apk smoothly.

  • Minimum Ram – 3GB. 
  • Android version – Android Lollipop.
  • Minimum Internal storage – 64 GB.

Note: You can use any game booster to enhance gaming performance while playing free fire. The game booster also protects your phone from heating issues and Lag problems.

How to Download Free Fire Mod APK

Free Fire Mod APK
Free Fire mod apk

Now let’s discuss the main topic, How to Download free fire mod apk. So, now I am going to share the absolute truth. I already told you that Free Fire is an online game, and all its data is stored on its server. Therefore, Free fire data is protected, and because of this, Free Fire Mod Apk available on the internet cannot edit that data and files. So, anyone cannot get unlimited diamonds and gold coins by using this type of apk.

I know you must have felt a bit bad after reading this, but friends, this is the truth. So now you must be thinking that there is an article named Free Fire Obb + mod Apk Download on other websites, then what is it? Actually, in the name of Mod apk, they are sharing the same version of free fire, which is available on the play store.

The only difference is that if you download from the Play store, it will download directly, but if you download from that fake website, you need to download the OBB file and Apk both separately.

Now, the question arises, How to get free diamonds without using free fire mod apk, So instead of using these types of apk, you can use free fire diamonds generator tool, using which you can quickly get up to 25000 for free daily. The link to this helpful tool is given below:

How to Download Free fire Mod APK with Unlimited Diamonds

Free fire Mod APK Unlimited Diamonds Download
Method to download free fire mod apk with unlimited diamonds

Generally, free fire players search terms like “free fire mod apk unlimited diamonds” so that they can find an app to get free unlimited diamonds in free fire. However, it is not possible to get unlimited diamonds in free fire, But we have an alternative, which you can use to get free diamonds. In which, we will use the 12% club app to get free diamonds.

Now, you may be thinking, what is the connection between a financial app and the free fire game. So, in this app, we will not take any personal loan or invest money. Instead, we will just use the “Refer and earn” feature of this app to earn money, and after making money, we will spend it on buying diamonds.

Steps to use the 12% club app to get free diamonds:

  • At first, Download the 12% app from the Google play store.
  • After that, Open the app, and it will ask you to enter your mobile number, so enter the correct mobile number there and click on verify.
  • After a few seconds, you will receive an OTP. Enter this OTP there to verify your mobile number.
  • Now, enter the essential details such as name and email id, and click on the continue button.
  • On the home screen of the app, you will find three options. The first one is “Earn money.” where you can invest your money and get a 12% return annually, and the second option is “Borrow money,” where you can get a loan at 12% interest.
  • In, Our case we have to earn money without any investment, So scroll down, and you will find the option of “Refer and earn,” click on it, and you will get a unique referral link, click on the copy link button.
  • Now, share this copied referral link with your friends, and whenever someone downloads this app from your referral link, you will get 10% of your friend’s earning if your friend starts investing in this app.

Assume that your friend invests a minimum of only 50000 rupees, So, you will get 600 rupees as a referral reward. Now you can spend these 600 rupees on buying diamonds. There is no limit to earning through this app. You can earn unlimited if you share that referral link with thousand of people. In 600 rupees, you can easily buy 4000 diamonds using the double diamonds top-up websites. Many free fire players use this method to get free diamonds every day, and this method is far better than using any free fire mod APK unlimited diamonds.

Redeem Codes For Unlimited Diamonds

Below is the new and latest free fire redeem codes for free unlimited diamonds and rewards. You can redeem them to obtain gifts.

  • FH67HGRT78KI
  • DH782342D67H
  • DF78G22E78HN
  • LO90JFCDDF78
  • SD783GBTDF78
  • SD89FHD78PH4
  • 65GLDGY7D678K
  • D78J3HG1GDVH
  • 3DJL5A5GT65H
  • SDR5F67TLN4J
  • G45JFT671T45
  • 54GT09KJ5GYT
  • LKIO45G7DH09
  • 34FTDGHY89HU
  • 89IKGDHY67HU
  • SD78BH892UI9
  • SD78D90KNJLP
  • ASGY68HJ89IY
  • AS56JI89LK09F
  • SDHY897HH67D
  • DH34GYUS6FT3
  • DHY7SG43FTF5
  • SDRT56HV76HY
  • SD78BHY7D5GY (New)
  • SD67BVG6JU8Y (New)
  • AS67GRE5BH78 (New)
  • ASBV89M87BH7(New)
  • ZVB7MN7BN9MJ (New)
  • SG7LDH90NR6J (New)
  • SGY6DBH98SKL (New)
Redeem Codes Amount Of Diamonds Free Rewards
DPY7-DH7J-78HY1000 Diamonds + 3747 Gold CoinsDJ ALOK Character
PJ7Y-DBH9-DGY899999 Diamonds + 99999 Gold CoinsLOL Emote
DBH7-DGY7-DBHI128 Diamonds + 237 Gold CoinsShark Dance Emote
SGY7-DBHY-DBH9699 Diamonds + 2637 Gold CoinsPanda Pet
S34Y-DNFH-DHU73000 Diamonds + 9000Gold CoinsKitty
FTY6-DBH7-HD782000 Diamonds + 8000 Gold CoinsSeason 1 Elite Pass Bundle
B4YT-HGY6-87HY8000 Diamonds + 7000 Gold CoinsSeason 2 Elite Pass Bundle
VGTY-BGGY-JU7Y1000 DiamondsSeason 3 Elite Pass Bundle
GST7-DBFY-HSB83000 DiamondsJoker Bundle
BGY7-FTY6-98HJI4500 DiamondsElite Pass Card
HY7G-BGTY-HY789800 DiamondsJaguar Dance Emote
BH67-GYT6-BHY76700 Diamonds10x Diamond Royale Voucher
VGYT-HY67-VGYT400 Diamonds20x Diamond Royale Voucher
LKIO-BHY6-G55U300 Diamonds30x Diamond Royale Voucher
DGFT-GJY5-FH67200 Diamonds40x Diamond Royale Voucher
SDF4-DBFY-BH76999 Diamonds10x Gold Royale Voucher
DGFT-D3Y6-DYT7299 Diamonds20x Gold Royale Voucher
HG67-4G7H-D65F10 Diamonds30x Gold Royale Voucher
DGST-DS67-AGY61 Diamond40x Gold Royale Voucher
S6DY-ABST-SDB61000 Gold CoinsCustom Room Card
SBDG-SVDT-DGFT2000 Gold CoinsWeapon Loot Box
SDTY-AFST-U89I3000 Gold CoinsSpirit Fox Pet
STDY-DBFY-SV675000 Gold CoinsDetective Panda Skin
SDT8-SDT6-87HY6000 Gold CoinsGolden Pan Skin
ASGT-DT78-DHY79000 Gold CoinsMP40 Skin
SDFT-DBF7-DH781 Magic Cube + 500 DiamondsStreet Boy Bundle
YS6T-DGY6-SGY72 Magic Cube + 500 Gold CoinsSakura Bundle
ASVT-BHU7-78HY1 Magic Cube + 800 DiamondsWukong Character
SAW5-AFR6-SHY71 Magic Cube + 1000 DiamondsChrono Character

Trick to unlock all Items without using free fire mod apk

Trick to unlock all Items without using free fire mod apk

Gun skins, Bundle, and Emotes three are the main in-game items in the free fire. Many players want to acquire them, but they are very costly in free fire, So that’s why players search for terms like Free fire mod apk for unlocking these in-game items. But as we discussed before, using a mod apk is not safe, So we are sharing some valuable tricks to unlock all the main in-game items for free.

Gun skins: Guns skins help players improve their guns damage capacity and increase their looks. More than 300 gun skins are available in free fire, in which 150 are normal, and 150 are legendary skins. So for unlocking all the gun skins in free fire, you can use the free fire skin generator, and using this tool, you can get these all gun skins for free.

Bundles: Bundles are the main part of the free fire game. The hip-hop bundle and Street bundle are the most famous bundles in the free fire. Now, for unlocking the bundles, you will have to unlock the elite pass of the current season, and then you can obtain the bundles available. If you want to get an elite pass for free, then click here

Emotes: Players can equip a maximum of eight emotes in free fire, and while playing the game, they can show them to enemies. The Show-Off and Jaguar dance both are the most popular emotes in the free fire. If you want to get all these free fire emotes for free, then you can check out our detailed article on Free fire emotes.

Disadvantages Of Using Free Fire Mod Apk

Disadvantages Of Using Free Fire Mod Apk

Disadvantages of using a free fire mod apk:

Very Insecure: Only the official version of free fire available on the play store is safe. If you download free fire from any other third-party website, then it may harm your device. That’s why whenever you need to download the free fire game, only use trusted platforms.

Your account may ban: Garena bans thousands of accounts every day in case of cheating and using prohibited scripts. Garena hates all these free fire mod apk. So, whenever you use any mod apk, Garena’s anti-cheating system instantly detects that you are using any third-party mod apk or script. After that, It immediately terminates your account. Once your account is terminated, you can not recover it. So, stay away from free fire mod apk.

FAQ’s – Free Fire Mod Apk

How to Download free fire mod apk unlimited diamonds 2021?

There are lots of Free fire Mod apk available, But they are unsecured. Also, mod apk can’t provide unlimited diamonds in free fire, and your free fire account will ban if you use the moded version of free fire.

How to use free fire mod apk without being caught?

It is impossible to use the free fire mod apk without being caught because Garena is improving and updating the security features of free fire every month.

Is there any latest version of free fire mod apk?

Booyah day is the name of the latest update of free fire, and the mod apk of this update is not available.

Can I get Unlimited Diamonds in free fire without Using Free fire Mod Apk?

There are lots of ways to get free diamonds in the free fire. If you want to get free diamonds, you can acquire them using diamonds codes, which you can quickly get from live stream giveaways of free fire streamers.


The craze of free fire is increasing rapidly. That’s why the price of in-game currency (Diamonds) of free fire is also growing. That is why many peoples want to get free unlimited diamonds. Usually, whenever we imagine the unlimited word, only one thing comes to mind: “MOD APK.” as a result, people search for free fire mod apk. So, in this article, we discussed how you could download the free fire mod apk and get free diamonds in free fire using the provided apk.

In India, currently, apps related to the stock market, such as Upstox, can become a great source of income. Free fire players can use this app’s “Refer and earn” feature to earn 1200 rupees per refer. Many free fire players are already using this app to make money. You can download this app by clicking here.

In this article, we saw:

  • At first, we saw features of the Free fire mod apk, and Then we got to know that the free fire mod apk does not work after the latest update of free fire.
  • So, we shared an app to earn money online, and you will have to download it instead of the Free fire Mod apk.
  • After making money, you can use that for buying diamonds.

So overall, you don’t have to use any free fire mod apk, you just have to follow some legit method to earn money, and then you can spend that money on buying diamonds. Also, we strictly warn you not to use any kind of free fire mod apk, and we don’t advise anyone to use it

We also discussed some tricks to get essential items such as emotes, skins, and bundles in the free fire. I hope you liked our article, make sure to share it with your friends. Also, if you have any queries related to this article, feel free to ask in the comments. We will surely help you. For more tricks to get free diamonds, visit our article on free fire diamonds. If you want to get free redeem codes daily, then join our telegram channel.



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