New Event In Free Fire Max: The Moco Store

New Event In Free Fire Max: The Moco Store

Free Fire Max’s Indian server players goes crazy when they get anything very special for free or at a very low price. By reading this, we can guess that many of you must have got hints that something like this is done and a new event has come in our game in which a lot of things has been arrived and today we are going to share details with you through this article entitled New Event In Free Fire Max: The Moco Store. Therefore, we would like to request you to go through this entire article so that you can understand everything very well, so let’s start this article without any delay.

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New Event In Free Fire Max: The Moco Store

New Event In Free Fire Max: The Moco Store

So first of all, you should know that there is a new event in our game Free Fire and Free Fire Max’s Indian server which is containing a very special item. It is an  emote but in any sense it is not a normal one and this emote deserve more value than the premium one.

The name of this emote is The Stir-Fly Lead Emote. This emote has come in our Indian server’s free fire and free fire Max a day ago. The event that is possessing this emote is, The Moco Store Event, which is an important part of Luck Royal Section. Along with this, also know that this emote will remain in our server for 12 days and you will be able to achiev the stuff until December 29.

What Is The Stir-Fry Lead Emote?

New Event In Free Fire Max: The Moco Store

The Stir-Fly Lead Emote is not a normal emote because it contains some specialty though. The specialty of this emote is that, whenever you join a team and apply this emote, the other players in the team would also experience the same action to that of emote. As a result, they would also start performing the activities of the emote. Along with this, whenever you apply the emote during gameplay or in the airplane lobby, a smiley icon would appear to all those players who would be nearest to you. They can now use the same emote and that’s the reason why it is said, it’s a lead emote.

So in this article, we have shared all the details of this emote and event and we want to tell you that in our next article, all that information will be covered, by following which, you can claim this emote in your ID. Thus, don’t forget to read it.

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Final words

So once again we have given a new article on a new update in the game and we hope that you would have got some help from this article. Do read our next article to have some additional and useful guide related to the same event and emote. Please share the post to your friends and stay connected with us.


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