How To Upgrade Evo Guns In Free Fire?

How To Upgrade Evo Guns In Free Fire

mustn’t have upgraded it, and you might be aware of the estimated diamond expenditure. But are you aware of a newly arrived event in the game named Evolution Upgrade? If not, you can head to our previous article, where we shared the details regarding the New Event In Free Fire: Evolution Upgrade.

However, this article will cover further parts associated with the guide to getting involved in this event and upgrading the Evo guns. So till last and for sure, you will get all the details.

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New Event In Free Fire: Evolution Upgrad

How To Upgrade Evo Guns In Free Fire

First, you should be aware of the event and its essential details. So, the Evolution Upgrade event is a web event arranged in the India server a few days ago. This event allows the players to upgrade any Evo guns they own. The event has a deadline, and it’s 14th February 2024. So, those who want to upgrade to their Evo guns must do the same before 14th February. You can follow the steps below to know how you can upgrade the Evo guns effectively.

How To Upgrade Evo Guns In Free Fire

How To Upgrade Evo Guns In Free Fire
  • First of all, you have to open the game
  • Now you have to tap on the events banner
  • From here, the Evolution Upgrade event banner will be available at the very top. Tap on it or locate the event from the events section.
  • Now, you will teach the web event
  • From here, you can see the event overview
  • The left side of the interface will possess all the Evo guns; tap on the one you want to upgrade.
  • After selecting, you have to tap on the spin options below.
  • After a certain number of spins, the Evo gun would be upgraded to the next level.
  • To upgrade it further, you have to make more spins
  • Each level will consume a different amount of diamonds for boosting the Evo gun

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In this article, you have got to know all the details about How To Upgrade Evo Guns In Free Fire. Though the steps were stated, they must be helpful to you. So, please share the post with your friends and keep us joined because we used to share articles related to Free Fire & Free Fire Max.


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