How To Get Unlimited Bonfire In Free Fire For Free?

What Are Loadout In Free Fire

Hey friends, welcome to today’s post. In this post today, we are going to share some tips that will be beneficial to you. If you love playing the CS ranked match, then we request you to please read the post till last so that you couldn’t miss any information related to the topic today.

Friends, how many of you are here who do not know about the most beneficial loadout that is available for us to carry before joining any match in free fire whether it’s a BR classic, ranked or CS classic, ranked? Find the details for the same in this article and most probably we will dedicate the post that is all about How To Get Unlimited Bonfire In Free Fire For Free?

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What Are Loadout In Free Fire?


Friends, many of you would be using it or if not, you can look at the image to know what are loadouts. These are the items that can be carried within you before joining any match so that you could have some extra capabilities. Eight different load-outs in the free fire are supposed for different purposes providing various abilities to players.

Among all loadouts, the one we are going to state today is Bonfire. Nowadays players are conscious to know about an item that is similar to fire which gives HP faster than media kits. So, the item is non-other than the Bonfire.

What Is Bonfire In Free Fire?

What Are Loadout In Free Fire

Bonfire is a loadout in the free fire that is carried and can be used in either Battle royale mode or Clash Squad mode. A player has a limit of using a maximum of 3 bonfires in a match. When you would use it, a circle will be generated which increases your HP along with EP. Nowadays players use it considerably and those who are unaware of How to get a bonfire in free fire, can read further because we are going to state How To Get an Unlimited Bonfire In Free Fire For Free?

How To Get Unlimited Bonfire In Free Fire For Free?

  • Login to the game
  • Go to Vault
  • Now go to others
  • You will see an FF token just as shown in the image

What Are Loadout In Free Fire

  • Now tap on the token and then click on the exchange
  • Just keep sliding downwards and you will see a 7-day unlimited Bonfire card
  • It will cost you 15 tokens for each 7-day card

What Are Loadout In Free Fire

  • You can exchange your tokens for maximum of 10 times, which means you will have unlimited Bonfire till the next 70 days post which you can do the same
  • Now enjoy unlimited Bonfire

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So, here is the post about How To Get an Unlimited Bonfire In Free Fire For Free? All the information has been stated and perhaps it would be the most informative post of this week. Please share this post with your friends and stay connected with us for more updates in information about free fire and free fire max.



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