How To Sell Free Fire ID?

how to sell free fire id

Do you know that you can sell your free fie ID, and in return, you can earn real money? Yes, in this informative post, we will discuss how you can sell your free fire ID using social media platforms.

In 2022, The most downloaded battle royal game was Garena free fire. Garena free fire is one of the most trending games and has over 1 billion downloads. The popularity of this game has reached millions of daily active users.

Many players of the free fire playing this game for years and, due to this, collect various bundles and many items through multiple events. Then due to some reasons, they stopped playing this game and deleted the application from their devices. Many people don’t know that playing free fire for years can give them some money. Players can quickly sell their free fire ID, and they can easily earn some cash in return.

New players want to buy free fire Id with the rarest bundles and skins in the market. That’s why you must know how to sell free fire id.

Here in this article, we have mentioned three easy ways which you can use for selling your free fire ID. For knowing those three ways read this article till the end.

How To Sell Free Fire ID

free fire id

There are several ways of selling your free fire IDs. You can hire a seller who will deal with your ID, but he will take some commission or his charges in return. But here, I have mentioned free methods of selling your free fire ID. You just have to use some messaging applications for selling your free fire ID. Here I have mentioned three ways of selling your free fire ID for absolutely free: you don’t have to hire any seller, or you don’t have to pay commission to someone.

There are also some free fire id seller websites on the Internet, but it is hard to trust them because some fake free fire IDs sell and buy websites are also avaiable there. So, we suggest you do check the authority of any free fire id buy and sell website before using them.

The easiest methods to sell your free fire ID and free fire account are given below.

Free fire ID Sell Whatsapp groups

Whatsapp is a free messenger application available for every internet user. This application uses the internet for sending text messages, pictures, videos, stickers, and many more. In addition, many free fire players use this application as a free fire Id seller app.

In the Whatsapp application, there is a feature known as groups. This feature helps you send messages to more than one person simultaneously. You can make your own free fire id sell group by adding a minimum of 2 members to your group, or you can join someone’s other free fire account sell group by clicking on the group link.

With the help of WhatsApp, you can quickly sell your free fire ID just by joining some ID seller related groups. I will provide the top 5 WhatsApp groups links at the end of this paragraph. You just have to join that group, and you have to announce there about your ID which you want to sell. Just you have to keep in mind that you are not violating the rules and regulations of the group. If you break the rules and regulations, then the admin will remove you from that group.

Whatsapp group namesJoining link
ID Sell & Buy Free FireCLICK HERE
Free fire account sell and buy groupCLICK HERE
Free Fire accounts and ID DEALSCLICK HERE

Telegram Groups for Free fire Id sell

The second option of selling your free fire ID is the Telegram groups. Telegram is one of the best messaging applications with various marvellous features. This application has crossed over 1 billion downloads. This application is widely used worldwide, and the reason is that telegram provides enhanced privacy and encryption features.

This application is similar to WhatsApp. Like in telegram, you can also send text messages, photos, videos, stickers, and many more. But telegram provides an option of searching any person by its username. In WhatsApp, you can only send messages to those persons whose contact numbers are saved in your phone, but in telegram, you can send messages to anyone by searching his username.

In the telegram, various groups that deal with selling and buying free fire IDs are available. You can just search for this group through the search bar and join the groups. Here you can freely announce your ID, which you want to sell, and then if someone wants to buy your ID, he will directly message you privately. Remember to follow the rules of groups mentioned by the group admin. It is a widely used app for buying and selling free fire accounts.

Telegram Group namesJoining link
Free fire ID sellersCLICK HERE
Free Fire ID Seller groupCLICK HERE

Ask your In-game Friends

Ask your game Friends

The most effortless way of selling your free fire ID is through your in-game friends. You can ask your free fire buddies if they are interested in purchasing your free fire ID. If they want to buy your ID, you can simply sell your ID to them, and if they don’t want to purchase your ID, you can tell them to ask their free fire friends if they’re going to buy an ID. Then, by setting the price of the ID reasonable, you can quickly sell it to your friends.

In the free fire game, you will see a world chat feature, where you can type the notice of selling your free fire id using the loudspeaker button. If someone is interested in buying your free fire id, they will contact you using the game’s message.

Which things make your free fire ID rare?

Do you know free fire IDs with rare items have more demand? If you own free fire season 1 elite pass bundles and season 2 elite pass bundles, then your account will sell instantly. 

Free fire rare id

Things that make a Free fire Id rare are 

  • DJ Alok character
  • Sakura bundle
  • Bunker Gloo wall skin
  • Panda Pet
  • Diamonds
  • Gold Coins
  • Old bundles
  • Elite pass items

If you own all these items in your free fire id, your free fire account is rare because only a few free fire players have these things in their account.

FAQ’s – Free Fire ID Sell

How to buy free fire account?

Using the methods discussed in this article, you can also buy a free fire account. The process of buying and selling a free fire Id and account is the same.

Where to sell free fire id?

There are many platforms to sell a free fire id, which we already mentioned in this article. You can use them for selling your free fire ID.

How to sell free fire id in India?

The best way to sell free fire ID in India is to use the in-game chat option to sell you free fire ID.


In this fantastic post, we saw how you could sell your free fire ID through your friends or by using messaging applications. See, If your ID has a good inventory with outstanding achievements, then you can quickly sell your ID to anyone. But, if you don’t have any premium item which will attract the buyer to purchase your ID, then it will be challenging to sell your free fire ID.

The buyers are looking for an ID with fantastic premium items, better achievements and badges, various bundles, and many more things at a reasonable price. Therefore, you should set the cost of the ID affordable. If you have good inventory and achievements, you can only set the price high, but if you don’t have rare items, you will not be able to sell your ID.


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