How To Increase K/D Ratio In Free Fire?

How To Increase K/D Ratio In Free Fire

Hello friends and are also concerned about your statistics these days why is it falling continuously or why are you not able to maintain it and increase the points in each aspect that are related to your gameplay? If the same problem is going on with you, no need to be worried further because we are here where will guide you with the instructions that will surely help you to overcome such situations.

Problems of statistical overview and performance are one of the major causes for the judgment of any player. And the same condition gets applied in a free fire also. In this post, we will share many interesting tips that will help you in boosting up your K/D ratio and more likely you will keep your step forward to be a prominent free-fire player. Here’s How To Increase K/D Ratio In Free Fire?

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How To Increase K/D Ratio In Free Fire?

How To Increase K/D Ratio In Free Fire

  1. First of all, you need to make your permanently settled Custom HUD and you have to practice as many times upon the same setting
  2. Post setting up your custom HUD, just manage your fingers in such a way that there should be no need for vision while tapping the action buttons on the display
  3. Now, you have to keep in your mind that attacking upon the enemies will give a supreme boost to your K/D ratio, and not defending
  4. So here, you need to be clear that the more you attack, the more points would be added to your K/D ratio because it is the ratio of the total number of kills to that of matches
  5. Now the main method to obtain points for your K/D ratio is stated
  6. Now you need to practice for attacking in the training grounds and casual matches
  7. For sure, after a regular training of 15 days, you need to start playing ranked matches and then observe the statistics now.

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So friends, just try to accomplish all the steps as this is based on our personal experience. We have observed a positive result and you can also try the same, we guarantee you that there will be a rise in your K/D ratio. So how was the post? If it was awesome, just share it with your friends and stay connected with us so that you couldn’t miss any updates or important tricks about the free fire.


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