Exchange Your Guild Tokens Before 16 To Get Free Items

Exchange Your Guild Tokens Before 16 To Get Free Items

Exchange Your Guild Tokens Before 16 To Get Free ItemsAs you all know, a new update has been brought in our game Free Fire & Free Fire Max which was launched on 31 October 2023. Under this update, many changes have been seen in Free Fire and Free Fire Max. The biggest change among these changes is the guild change and it has been named as Guild 2.0. We have given you all this information through some previous articles. And in today’s article, we are going to give you important information related to this which you should not miss at all.

Through today’s article, we are going to tell you about a limited-period offer which you must use, if you do not do so then you will be left regretting after the deadline. This limited-period offer is named Guild Token Exchange and under this, you can get some rewards by exchanging old Guild Tokens. Let us give you some more information about it and in the end we will also tell you How to exchange these tokens.

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What are Guild Tokens in Free Fire Max?

Exchange Your Guild Tokens Before 16 To Get Free Items

If you have ever been added to a guild, you would be getting some tokens in return for completing activities and missions. Apart from this, whenever you play with guild members, for this too you used to achieve tokens. These tokens were known as The Guild Tokens and it had a dedicated exchange center by going where we could exchange these tokens and get some rewards.

But now Guild 2.0 has arrived and now those tokens are of no use. There were many people who had a lot of tokens lying around, so the developers of Free Fire have come out with a limited-time offer which will run till 16 November 2023. Under this offer, you now have to exchange your old Guild Tokens by this date, otherwise after that, it will become a mere piece of paper. Let us tell you how to exchange these tokens and what things you will get in return.

How To Exchange Guild Tokens In Free Fire Max?

Exchange Your Guild Tokens Before 16 To Get Free Items

  • First of all you have to log in to the game
  • Now you have to go to the events section
  • Here you will see a tab whose named Guild 2.0, you have to click on this tab
  • Now you shall find a block named Old Token Exchange, click on it
  • Here you will get an interface where you will be able to exchange the old tokens and the list of things you will get in exchange are listed below
    • Exchange 20 Tokens For 100X Gold
    • Exchange 100 Tokens For 500X Gold
    • Exchange 500 Tokens For 2500X Gold
    • Exchange 2000 Tokens For 10000X Gold
    • Exchange 5000 Tokens For Parachute Skin
    • Exchange 1500 Tokens For Skyboard Skin
    • Exchange 3000 Tokens For Backpack Skin

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Through this article, we have made you aware of a limited-time offer which will be valid only till 16th November. We would like to request you to exchange your Old Guild Tokens by this date because, after that, none of these tokens will be valid. If you want to keep getting such interesting articles at the right time, then you shall stay connected and share this article to your friends.


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