Upcoming Katana Skin In Free Fire: The Sword of Honor (New Update Free Fire 2022)

Upcoming Katana Skin In Free Fire New Update Free Fire 2022

Dear friends welcome to our new post. We are back with an interesting upcoming item in Free Fire. This latest upcoming item in the collection is categorized as a melee weapon. Thus today, we will show you an upcoming katana skin Free Fire. This skin has been spotted on the international server, and there are higher chances for this to appear on the Indian Free Fire server. Below are details of this new upcoming item.

Upcoming Katana Skin In Free Fire 2022

The Sword of Honor

The Sword of Honor

You already know that the katana is categorized as melee that comes under weapons. So you can equip it, and being a legendary skin, it will have kill feed and show in lobby applicable. 

The name given to this skin is the sword of honor

The skin is a combination of purple, yellow, and grey. It has a firey animation, and an orange flame is emerging from all sides of the katana. You can see the pictures. Its cover is too yellowish purple in colour with an ancient design.

Which Event Will Have The Upcoming Katana Skin In Free Fire: The Sword of Honor

Top-up Event: Guys, you already know that till now, most ever katana skins are published in a top event of Free Fire. Thus there is a higher probability for appearing this new Free Fire skin in a top-up event. 

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Review of the Upcoming Katana Skin In Free Fire

The katana skin is almost a rare item, and having it will increase the potential of your collection. It is worth it if the user can have under 500 diamonds top-up or if by diamonds then not more than 800 diamonds.

What do you think about this latest katana skin of Free Fire? Let us know in the comments section. Also, stay tuned with us for every interesting update and news about Free Fire.


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