How To Get Special Airdrop In Free Fire Daily: Method For Free Fire Max Special Offer

How To Get Special Airdrop In Free Fire Daily Method For Free Fire Max Special Offer

Special Airdrop and special offer is the easiest way to free diamonds and in-game items in free fire max. But, it’s complex to get special offers daily in free fire max. In this post, we will share some valuable tricks to get special airdrops in free fire max every day, so let’s start.

Free fire max is a most famous battle royale game with more than 100 million downloads. Free fire has many in-game items such as weapon skins, vehicle skins, and pets. Through the Special airdrop, players can acquire these items at affordable rates. That’s why everyone is finding a way to get a Special airdrop daily. Now, we are going to reveal a trick to get a Special airdrop in free fire max. Use this trick, and get a Special airdrop.

Three Methods To Get Special Airdrop In Free Fire Daily

Three Methods To Get Special Airdrop In Free Fire Daily

Clear In-game data and Cache

At first, Open the free fire game, log out of your main account, and come back to the homepage. After that, long press on the icon of the free-fire max, then click on app info. Here you will see the clear data button, click on it, and select the clear cache option.

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Play Only Classic Matches


Stop playing ranked matches for one-month minimum, and play only classic games. Or you can also stop playing the game for a minimum of two weeks. Next, while playing classic matches, unequip all bundles, emotes, and everything you own in your FF collection, and use the adam character.

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Stop Buying Diamonds and Memberships

If you are able to buy diamonds and in-game membership, you will never get special offers. Furthermore, once you purchase diamonds, you will only get overpriced airdrops, which are not worth buying.

Free fire’s algorithm detects your buying ability through your last few purchases. So, don’t buy diamonds and membership for a minimum of one month, and you will start getting special airdrops at low prices.

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You will surely get the special airdrop in your free fire max account if you follow all these three techniques. In addition, you can download the files of the special airdrop from here to get a particular reward.



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