How To Get Airburst Entranced Bundle In Free Fire For Free

How To Get Airburst Entranced Bundle In Free Fire For Free

Garena free fire has presented a new Luck royale event in the game, named Squad Beatz Royale. In this event, players can obtain Airburst Entranced Bundle & Katana – Maroon Laser skin for free in their free fire account by spinning the luck royale wheel using 400 diamonds. 

These newly launched Airburst Entranced Bundle & Katana – Maroon Laser skin are beautiful in looks. The Airburst Entranced Bundle comes with 3D fire animation on the shoulder and shoes of the character. The Katana – Maroon Laser skin also comes with fantastic glow-in-dark lights. Now, this Luck Royale event is trending in the free fire game. 

How To Get Airburst Entranced Bundle In Free Fire For Free

Squad Beatz Royale Event

Getting an airburst entranced bundle in the free fire is very easy. First, you have to top up your free fire account with a minimum of 900 diamonds, and after that, you can participate in the “Squad Beatz Royale” event using these diamonds.

The rewards you will get in any luck royale event depend on your luck, So the better chance you have, the better reward you will be able to get through the Squad Beatz Royale event.

Steps to Get Airburst Entranced Bundle In Free Fire

Steps to Get Airburst Entranced Bundle In Free Fire
  • Open free fire game.
  • Open the luck royale section clicking on the store icon avaiable at the button left corner of the game.
  • Now click on the “Squad Beatz Royale” Section.
  • Next, you will see all the available rewards of this luck royale event with their name and abilities.
  • Here you can click on the 1 Spin button, and after that, you will get any random item from the available rewards. You can click on the 10 + 1 Spin button to increase your chances of getting the Airburst Entranced Bundle In Free Fire.

If you don’t have diamonds in your free fire ID, you can use the free fire diamond generator tool to obtain free diamonds.

Link Of Free DiamondsFree Fire Diamond Generator 

Additional Reward of this Luck Royale event

Katana – Maroon Laser and Phoenix Guardian Bundle (Female character bundle) are also the main attraction of this new free fire event. Some rare items available in this event are Gloo Wall – Thrash Metallic, Thrash goth loot box, Thrash goth backpack skin, and Jeep – Thrash Goth (Vehicle skin), But the primary reward of this event is Airburst Entranced Bundle.

The average items of this event are Rhythm Tokens and weapon loot crates. Through the weapon loot crates, players can obtain various gun skin for a limited time, and Rhythm Tokens can be used to obtain a permanent in-game item.

What do you think about Airburst Entranced Bundle and the Katana – Maroon Laser skin available in this new Squad Beatz luck royale event? Let us know in the comments.


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