How To Get Poker MP40 In Free Fire?

How To Get Poker MP40 In Free Fire

Players, if you were waiting for the return of Poker MP40 in the Free Fire game, your wait is over. The developers of Free Firehave launched an excellent event for Indian Servers in which you will get a chance to obtain Poker MP40. In this article, we will give you a complete step-by-step guide to obtain one or all Poker  MP40 skins, so read this article till the end.

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New Event In Free Fire: MP40 Ring

How To Get Poker MP40 In Free Fire

An event was launched a day ago in the Free Fire and Free Fire Max game named MP40 Ring The event is available in the Luck Royale Section. You can get any of the MP40 skins designed on the poker theme by following our guide. The event will last until January 29, 2024, so get your MP40 skin before that.

How To Get Poker MP40 In Free Fire?

How To Get Poker MP40 In Free Fire
  • To participate in the event, log in to the game and go to the Luck Royale Section
  • From here, you have to click on MP40 Ring
  • Now you can see an overview of a new event here where you will see many MP40 Poker skins available.
  • You have to start making spins through the options of spins below
  • You have to spin as many times as possible, as, since this is an event based on the universal ring format, you can either withdraw the grand prize directly or withdraw through exchanging the tokens
  • So even after doing a lot of spins, if you are not getting any MP40 skin, ensure you have at least 250 tokens to get External Diamond Poker MP40 skin, 200 diamonds to get Blazing Heart Poker MP40 skin and 225 diamonds to get Dreamy Club Poker MP40 skin

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We have stated all the info about How To Get Poker MP40 In Free Fire and we hope, this instruction will be helpful for you, thus keep reading our regular posts to stay connected with us and get more information about the free fire game. Also share it with your friends.


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