How To Use Free Fire GLOO Wall Skin App

How To Use Free Fire GLOO Wall Skin App

Hello friends, how are you? Wish you all will be fine and enjoying the game. Today also, we have brought you a helpful post that will surely help you out if you read it thoroughly. So let me give a brief introduction about this post and what exactly we will explain today.

So in this post, we will describe How To Use Free Fire Gloo wall Skin App. Recently we published a post regarding the applications that provide you free skins of Gloo wall in the game. So today, we will explain how the app works and how to use it. So let’s begin. We will list all those steps in points. Thus read carefully.

How To Use Free Fire Gloo wall Skin App


• Install lulu box from here.
• Open it, and you will see various game icons.
• Click on the free fire or free fire max icon.
• When you click on a particular game, an interface will appear with various options.
• Here, you need to download plugins such as weapon skins, in-map loot drop location, clothes, etc.
• Enable all of these.
• Now, at the bottom of the interface, you will see an install button.
• Tap on the install button.
• This is an important point, after installing, do not open free fire directly from the home screen or from the menu.
• Now, from the lulu box or open the lulu box and start playing free fire from there and not from the original version.

So, friends, we have stated the complete method for using Free Fire Gloo wall Skin App. We have taken the lulu box for an example and for one reason also. We have considered the lulu box because we have seen many cases where players are able to get a free Gloo wall skin.

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So friends, most frequently, we have discussed about How To Use Free Fire Gloo wall Skin App. We have stated the exact steps you need to follow. You can unlock many Gloo wall skins for free, so go and rock on. We hope you liked this post. Please stay tuned for more exciting and valuable posts.

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