How to get MAC10 Frozen Platinum skin in Free Fire MAX For Free: New Weapon Royale Event

How to get MAC10 Frozen Platinum skin in Free Fire MAX For Free

Garena is now launching new events in the Free Fire Max in order to acquire more active users. Recently, they have presented a new weapon royale event in the game. The weapon royale is a part of Free fire max, and through this event, players can obtain legendary and average guns skins by spending 40 diamonds per spin.

This time Garena has presented a legendary weapon skin named Frozen Platinum in this weapon royale event, and it’s a skin for MAC10 weapon. MAC-10 is an SMG weapon used for short-range battles. Unfortunately, there are only a few skins available for this weapon, and this newly launched skin will be the first most famous skin for the MAC-10 weapon.

Weapon Royale Event

About the event

Weapon Royale Event

Weapon royale event is a famous event in the free fire max game, which gets presented in the luck royale section. There are four different events in the luck royale section: Diamond royale, Gold royale, Weapon Royale, Incubator, and Moco store. Weapon royale and diamond royale are the most worthwhile events. 

Each weapon royale event contains 35 in-game items, and all these rewards get refreshed every month and replaced by some new weapon skins. In addition, the weapon royale event is the best way to get scan play cards, Summan airdrop play cards, and bounty token play cards for three days usage. 

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Steps To Get MAC10 Frozen Platinum skin in Free Fire MAX For Free

Steps To Get MAC10 Frozen Platinum skin in Free Fire MAX For Free
  • Open the free fire max game, and log in to your account. 
  • Now, you will see a “Luck royale” option on the left side of the screen. Click on it. 
  • Next, you will see various ongoing game events. Select the weapon royale out of them. 
  • Here, you can pay 40 diamonds for 1 spin and 400 diamonds for 11 spins, and after clicking on the spin button, you will receive random rewards as per the number of spins.

You can also use the weapon royale vouchers for getting free spins in the weapon royale section. The rewards you will obtain from weapon royale entirely depend on your luck. However, to increase the chances of getting the MAC10 Frozen Platinum skin, you can spin a maximum of 40 times, and you will surely be able to obtain it.

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Other Rewards of Weapon Royale

Other Rewards of Weapon Royale

As we mentioned earlier, there is a total of 35 rewards in this latest weapon royale event, and the primary rewards of them are as follow: 

  • MAC10 – Frozen Platinum
  • Kar98k – Imperial Rome
  • FAMAS – Imperial Rome
  • AK – Imperial Rome
  • SKS – Urban Rager
  • SPAS12 – Urban Rager
  • AK47 – Urban Rager
  • MP5 – Imperial Rome
  • Bumblebee: Sting
  • Pharaoh’s Rage M1014
  • Pharoah’s Eyes
  • Pharaoh’s Rage
  • Pharaoh’s Eye
  • MAC10 – Frozen Platinum (24 Hours)
  • Two different play cards
  • Four different loadout items

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MAC10 Frozen Platinum is the main reward of this latest event, which is attracting players towards this weapon royale event. Other items avaiable in this event are average items.


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