How to get guild token in free fire

guild token in free fire
guild token in free fire

Free fire is a survival game, and everyone loves it. Due to its unique gameplay experience, this game is trending. Now, Guild tokens play an important role in the free fire because you can exchange them for exciting rewards. These rewards can help you in becoming a pro player, So in this article, we will discuss how to get guild token in free fire, So that you can get them and enjoy the new rewards.

What is a Guild in free fire

A guild is a unique feature of free fire game, in which you can create a custom match or tournament and invite your friends to play with you as your enemies or teammates. You can invite three players as your teammates and 47 players as enemies.

You can use the invite feature to invite them or share the custom room id, and password with them so they can join your room. In the custom room, you can also watch your opponents. If you want to chat with all players, then you can press the mic button. Custom rooms have a new feature using which you can customize the limit of ammo to Unlimited and the health points from 100 to 500.

How to get guild token in free fire

How to get guild token in free fire

Follow these steps to get guild token in free fire quickly:

  • Start Free fire game.
  • If you have not joined any guild, join a guild by going to the guild section.
  • Click on the Invite button, which is available below the start matching button.
  • Now in the invite section, change the regular friend list to guild friend list.
  • Invite a guild friend/member to join your team.
  • Play and complete one clash squad match together with a guild member. 
  • After completing the match, come back to the game’s main screen and go to the event section. 
  • In the events section, choose the Guild Daily Quest option and click on the claim button to get 20 guild tokens.

Using these steps, you can easily claim 20 guild tokens in free fire daily. After claiming the guilds token, they will get added immediately to your account.

Note: You must have to join an active guild so that you can play with guild members. You will only claim the guild tokens when you will play clash squad mode with members of the guild. Without them, you can not claim any guild token. Joining a guild with more than level two is excellent if you want to find active guild players.

How to use guild tokens

Guild tokens can be helpful in many situations. You can also use them for buying items in the free fire. You can easily buy Bundles, Bag skins, Parachute skins, Discount coupons, and many more using guild tokens. You can also purchase permanent weapons skins using guild tokens.

Steps to use guild tokens:

  • Open free fire store by clicking on the store icon at the right corner of the game.
  • Now click on redeem option available at last in the options row.
  • Select the guild option, and choose from various game items.
  • Select an item you want to purchase, click on the mentioned amount of guild tokens, and you will get the chosen item. (You must have enough guild tokens to process the transaction)

You must know:


  1. How I can get unlimited guild tokens in free fire?

    You can claim up to a max of 600 guild tokens in a month. Collecting more than 600 tokens is not possible. In addition, you can try new methods of collecting guilds tokens, such as guild token programs.

  2. Can new players claim guild tokens?

    New players or players who have recently created a new account can not join any active guild because of not having a high game level. You must have to increase the level of your new account first. Then, You can also claim guild tokens.


Guild tokens are easy to collect If you know how to claim them. In this article, I mentioned the best method to get guild tokens. There are many more methods are also available to get guild tokens for free, but they are temporary, which are as follow:

  • Using Guild token redeem codes: Guild token redeem codes are available here. Using these codes, you can redeem them for free with ten guild tokens.
  • Events: Many events in free fire come, which offer guild tokens as a reward. By participating and completing tasks in these events, you can get up to 20 guild tokens. 

These both methods are helpful to claim extra guild tokens only for a limited time. I hope you guy’s liked our content. Make sure to share it with your friends. If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comment section, and I will definitely try to help you.


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