How To Join Guild In Free Fire

Join Guild In Free Fire
Join Guild In Free Fire

Today through this article, we are going to discuss how you can join a guild in the free fire. Free fire is one of the most downloaded games in India. It has around 500+ million downloads in the google play store. Free fire is an amazing combination of survival and battel game. In the Garena free fire, they had added a new feature which is known as a guild. If you don’t know what exactly guild is so the guild is a clan, or you can say a group. In a guild, you can play with the guild members and talk with them. Now, if you don’t know how to join a guild in free fire, then read this article till the end.

How to join guild in free fire

How to join guild in free fire
How to join guild in free fire

The procedure for joining a Guild in free fire is very simple. You just have to follow the process which is mention in this article, and that’s it.

The first step you have to do is go to the Guild section. In the Guild section, you can see the Guild details if you are already in a Guild. If you are not in any guild, then you will see the option to enter the guild. After clicking on that, you will see a list of clans showing on your screen. If you want to join any of that clan, then click on the ENTER button or JOIN button. Also, some Guild invites players to join their clan. If you want to see the Guild invitation, you can see it in the message received section.

In another case, if you want to join a specific Guild, so you get an option of entering the Guild name. Once you have entered the name, the guild will be shown to you. Now you just have to submit the request, and then you have to wait. When the leader of that clan will accept your submission, then you can enter that clan.

Now you know how you can quickly join a guild. But if you don’t know which guild is best, how to find the best guild and how to join the best guild, then continue reading.

How to find the best guilds that are recruiting

How to find the best guilds that are recruiting
How to find the best guilds that are recruiting

Finding the best guild in Garena free fire is not a big deal if you know the exact process of finding it. The purpose of adding the guild option is to help and make things easier for newbies. Once you have joined a guild, you can improve your gaming skills by playing with the pro members of the guild, making new friends. Also, you can play various tournaments on behalf of your clan.

You can easily find the best guilds by following some easy steps:

  • Open the Garena free fire application
  • on the home screen, you will find a Guilds section on the right menu bar
  • Use the search bar if you already know the name or ID of the Guild
  • Click on the guild if you want to send a request for joining that guild
  • If you don’t know any Guild name, choose the guild from the available list. Always apply for a guild whose level is high with a high level of members

By following these steps you can easily find the best guild.

Types of Guilds in free fire

Types of Guilds in free fire
Types of Guilds in free fire

There are mainly two types of Guilds:

  1. Auto approve
  2. Approve

In the auto-approve guilds, you can easily join them without sending any request or without waiting for a long time. Just after clicking on the JOIN button, you can become a member of that specific clan.

In Approve Guilds, you have to send a request for joining their guild. After submitting the request, it goes to a vice leader or leader. When the leaders approve your request, then only you will become a member of that guild. However, remember that the leaders can also reject your request to join their guild.

Free fire Level four guilds ID’s

Free fire Level four guilds ID's
Level four guilds ID’s

If you are still not able to choose a perfect guild, then here I have added the ids of some top Guilds and most popular Guilds of India with Level four.

  • 70392909
  • 60015463
  • 3000606753
  • 67537482
  • 60920276

If you want to find the guilds with level four rank then here are the steps of finding them.

  • Go to the guild section.
  • Click on the search bar of the guild.
  • Click on the filter.
  • Choose the level 4 guilds.
  • Refresh the screen.
  • Whatever guilds you will see on your screen will be of level 4.

Note: Level four guilds are generally full all time because every player wants to join them, and level 4 guilds are in limited quantity only. So joining the level 3 guild is the best option because level 3 guilds also go to level four after some days. If you want to get Free fire accounts passwords with Unlimited diamonds, then you can click here. Using these accounts, you can easily get free gifts. 

Tips for getting approval in a level 4 Guilds in Free fire

Auto Approve and Approval are two common approval procedures used by guilds. If you fulfill their rank and level requirements, you can join Guild using Auto Approve right away. Frequently, they will demand that you have at least Level 30 and a Diamond I rating.

In the case of Guilds with Approval, you must wait for the Guild Leader to accept your Join request before you may join. These are frequently exclusive Guilds that are selective about who they accept as members. The requirements for joining such guilds vary considerably depending on the Guild Leader’s preferences. You must either know the Guild Leader personally or have a very high rank to enhance your chances of getting into these Level 4 Guilds.


How to increase my guild level?

Your guild members should gather the Glory in order to increase your clan rank.

From where we can gather glory?

There are various ways of gathering glory like you can get it from playing the classic match, clash squad mode, and ranked game. Of course, the more your rank will in the match, the more amount of glory you will get.

What is a guild store?

A Guild store is like a standard in-game store in free fire from where you can exchange collected guild tokens for getting items and rewards. If your clan level is more, then you will get more things through the Guild store.

How to create a guild in the free fire?

The steps of creating a guild in Free fire are simple. At first, Go to the guild section, Click on create a new guild option, enter the information like Name, slogan, requirements, and choose either 5000 golds or 1000 diamonds, and click on create button to launch the guild.


Guilds are very useful for beginners of free fire, as they can learn a lot from guilds members and get new teammates. But most players don’t know how to join guilds, that’s why in this article we discussed all things related to guilds, And hope you Understand and got your answers. If you have any questions left in your mind, you can comment down. We will surely help you. If you want Unlimited diamonds in free fire, then you can click here. For more information Related to free fire, you can visit our site.


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