How To Get A Free Emote In Free Fire Max?


Friends hey friends and are you aware of the latest updates that have appeared in the game free fire and free fire max on the occasion of the 6th anniversary? If not then you should read this article from beginning to end so that you could get the pin-to-pin details to the very basics of this update and have all the related points so that it could be used by you immediately.

So friends welcome to this post in which we are Going to elaborate a post upon how to get an emote in free fire Max. get set up and have all the details carefully because if any point or any paragraph will be missed then you are going to miss a lot of useful stuff. Thus we shall begin this article without any delay.

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New Activity Mission In Free Fire

How To Get A Free Emote In Free Fire Max

Friends since we are talking about a new event that is providing you any more than it should must be an activity mission Dad will provide you with some of the tasks that you have to complete post which you will get an emote as the reward. Accordingly, there has been an activity mission that has been injected into the game’s free fire And free Fire Max. let us know all about it and see what the instructions are included for today’s topic How To Get A Free Emote In Free Fire Max?

How To Get A Free Emote In Free Fire Max?

How To Get A Free Emote In Free Fire Max

  • Login to the game
  • Now go to the events section and then tap on the tab – 6th anniversary > free 6th anniversary emote
  • There you will see a banner with emote overview and through the right screen of that banner, you will get to see the tasks that you have to complete or you can just follow the steps below
  • You have to play 150 minutes or you have to achieve Booyah 12 times in any mode to get this free emote
  • Now you are done and if any one of this task will be completed, you can come to this section and claim your reward

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So, here is a new post in which we have covered some new and latest updates regarding the games free fire and free fire max. Be sure to follow each and every steps that we have stated and stay tuned for more updates through newer articles so that you could be updated.


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