How To Get Magic Cube In Free Fire Without Diamond

How To Get Magic Cube In Free Fire Without Diamond

Hello guys. As you know, Free Fire is a leading battle royale game, and a game without reward is incomplete. Rewards, missions, and game items are the main component of any game. And overall, it is a battle royale game that has limitless items. One of those items, the Magic cube, is the most valuable item. 

It is a rare item that is rarely found in-game in both ways, be spending diamonds or for free. So today, we will dedicate you to the way from which you can get a Magic cube free of cost. Yes, you would not be going to spend a single diamond to get a Magic cube, so be frequent and follow our steps and enjoy a Magic cube.

This is the way How to get Magic cube in Free Fire without Diamond

You can get a Magic cube for free through 3 different methods. 

How To Get Magic Cube In Free Fire Without Diamond 2022

Method 1: In an exchange with Magic cube fragments 

Under this method, the user needs to exchange Magic cube fragments to obtain a Magic cube. The criteria are that the user should have 100 magic cube fragments. For this, you need to collect a Magic cube fragment from the luck royale section after spinning into it. 

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Method 2: Via events

In this method, the user can get a Magic cube for free when the developers issue any event to our game. So yes, sometimes (on Diwali or anniversary), free fire developers launch an event in the game, after which players have to complete some missions, and via that, they can claim a free Magic cube. But the condition is that this event gets available to our Indian server very often. But soon, they will launch some events where players can get a free Magic cube after completing missions.

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Method 3: By completing weekly missions

By completing weekly missions

Guys, if you remember, there is a reward section in our game that is divided into two parts, daily and weekly. You can see the image below to get it well. In this section, the weekly rewards for 1st week and 2nd week contain an elite pass exclusive chest which you can get after completing the particular mission. If your luck is fair, you can get a Magic cube through that crate, and widely the crate is known as a Magic cube crate. This method is very simple and easy. You can go for it just now.

get a Magic cube in Free Fire without Diamonds free fire

It is the easiest way to get a Magic cube in Free Fire without Diamonds. So method three can satisfy you. Just work hard and complete missions.


So, guys, we have shared proven ideas that had successfully taken out a Magic cube in free of cost. We have shared not 1 but 3 methods about How to get a Magic cube in Free Fire without Diamond, so just go and try to get a Magic cube, and we hope you can. I hope you did like this post. Please share it and be with us for updates, news, and tips n tricks.


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