how to increase the level in free fire Reach Level 100 in 1 day?

how to increase the level in free fire

Garena Free Fire Is Trending Game In 2021 with 500 million+ download. Every Player Want to become pro In Garena Free Fire But without High level, you are not Completly pro. So here is the full article on How to Boost and Increase Level In free fire. After reading this article You will definitely Know All about How to Increase the level in free fire and reach on the Highest level, So without wasting time Let’s Start.

how to increase the level in free fire Reach

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So How increase Level In free fire? Can we max out Our free fire level In 1 day? So the answer is yes. You can Increase 1 Level In 1 day but You need to play Continuously for 1 day. Can you play free fire full day? I hope Your answer will Not. So You can Increase and Max Out Your Level In free fire by playing every day 2-3 hours or more according to Your time adjustment. Your level Will Increase fast If your account is new or If your free fire level is below then 30 But after 30 Level Your Free fire Levels Increase Very slowly. If You play Continuously for 1 year, So you can reach Easily on 70+ Level. So here Are some Powerful tips and tricks to Increase Your Level In free fire.

Collect EXP Cards

Use EXP card to Increase Free fire level

Exp plays a major role in the Increase of free fire level. If You use a 50% EXP Card and play free fire then Your Free fire Level Increase with 2X Speed. You Can log in To Guild daily To Get a free EXP Card. You can also get the 50% EXP Card from Diamond Royal and free fire events. Free fire diamond generator 2021 without Human Verification.

Play Only Ranked Game

If you want to Boost Your free fire level so You need to play Only Ranked game. If you play a ranked game You will Get more EXP, compare to All Other modes available In-game. If You have 2X EXP cards then Your Level will Increase with 2x speed. Clash squad mode is also available In Rank Mode But You will Get very Low Exp In Clash squad, So Play Only Raked Game To increase Your Level fast and Rapidly.

Play Safe Not Rush

If you really want To Boost Your free fire level, So you need to play safe In the ranked game. Most of the players like to play aggressive In ranked mode But If you want to get High EXP then you need to play safe and secure. You can choose a safe place to land and survive a minimum of 10 Minutes and when Only 10 Players alive In Match You can Rush On them. This is the best way to Get High EXP in the free fire. If you Win Boyaah In Game You will Get very High EXP and Your level will Increase fastly. 2x Exp card plays Major Role Because It Multiplies all EXP With 2 we get after winning the match. EXP help To Boost Our level. Click here to convert Gold coins Into Diamonds in the free fire.

Play regularly

If you want to reach Max Level In the free fire, Play regularly minimum 2 Or 3 Hours according to Your Time adjustments. The players who are playing free fire regularly from 2 years reached Max level.

So, these all are the best tricks to Increase And Boost Your level in the free fire. Click here to Get Free 1000 diamonds [ 100 free diamonds everyday ]

Free Fire level Up Reward List

Free fire Level Up rewards Not fix Every player Get Different reward. Level Up rewards are Normal Rewards they are Not Special or unique.

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Free Fire Stylish name design

FAQ – how to increase the level in free fire

Which is the Free fire Highest Level?

100 level is the highest level In Free fire You can reach max Level by playing continuously ranked game for 2 years or more. Only a few players reached the 100 level Because it becomes hard to Increase Level after reach level 50 In free fire. EXP Cards Helps to reach the 100 Level In free fire.

What are Free Fire level Up Rewards And their List?

Free fire Level up reward list is Not released By Free fire. Every player gets a different level Up reward. Most of the players get Gold coins as Level Up rewards. Most Of the players have Doubt Can I get diamonds In level Up Reward, So the answer is No. You can not get diamonds in level Up rewards.

How to Reach Highest level 100 In free fire?

You can not reach On level 100 instantly. You need to play free fire For Minimum 2 years to reach Out the Max level In free fire. So try to play the rank game Using 2X EXP Cards and earn EXP to reach fast On The level 100.

How to Boost Up Level In free fire?

If your account is New and You are below 20 level in the free fire, You can increase Your level rapidly Because it is very easy to increase the level in new accounts. If you are a new player so you will get so many Bot Enemies, and it is very easy to win the match in Bot Lobby. But after reach 20 level you face real Pro enemies, so you need to play safely after reaching 20 Level.

Thank You for reading Our article on how to Increase level in the free fire. Click here To Get Free fire MOD APK With Unlimited diamonds.


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