Free Fire Partner Program Members List

Free fire partner program members list

Do you know the top 10 YouTubers who are a member of the free-fire partner program, and do you know how you can apply for the free fire partner program? If you don’t, then read this article till the end. In, this article will discuss the free fire partner program members list with the process of how you can apply for a free fire partner program.

Garena free fire comes under 2nd position in the most downloaded game in 2021. Only in 2021 free fire gains over 20+ million downloads. Various battle royal games are available in app stores, but the free fire has its own huge fan base. Garena free fire is one of the most prominent battle games available on the play store.

To maintain the interest of its players, Garena has launched a free fire partner program. This program is specially made for those players who have a vast audience base. Especially, many YouTubers with more than 100k subscribers are members of this fantastic partner program.

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List of top 10 youtubers who are the member of partner program

List of top 10 youtubers who are the member of partner program

These are the names of free fire partner program members.

Name of Free fire partner program memberTotal subscribers
Gyan gaming13.2 million
Mr. triple R4.19 million
Desi gamer12.4 million
TSG 9.79 million
Gaming subrata2.31 million
Badge 998.51 million
Lokesh gamer13.8 million
Total gaming30.4 million
A S gaming15.5 million
SK Sabir gaming4.78 million

Benefits of becoming free fire partner program member 

There are tons of outstanding benefits offered by the free fire partner program if you are eligible for this program. Here is the list of exclusive things which you will get through the free fire partner program. 

  • Exclusive in-game rewards, custom cards, and diamonds 
  • Advance access to content 
  • Before anything becomes live in the game, you’ll have access to that things.
  • Free Fire’s official social media channels are featured.
  • Invitations to esports competitions and events
  • The eligible members can easily communicate with the Free fire team.
  • Creators with more than five million subscribers and at least 95 percent Free Fire-related content will be compensated financially.
  • Authentic merchandise.

This reward is only applicable to those members of partner programs who have more than 5,00,000 subscribers, and the channel should contain 95% of free-fire content only. 

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What are the requirements of joining a free fire partner program?

Garena free fire has officially announced some requirements which members who want to join this program have to fulfill. Several players are willing to join the free fire partner program to get all exclusive rewards, but if you want to join the program, you have to fulfill some requirements which are mandatory in order to become a member of the partner program. 

Following are the requirements announced by free fire. 

  • The member should have a youtube channel with over 1,00,000 total subscribers.
  • The channel should contain 80% of free fire content in the last 30 days.
  • In the previous 30 days, the channel should have at least 3,00,000 views.
  • Member should be consistently posting content on social media. 
  • The content should be clean, non – offensive, and engaging.
  • The work of posting content should be done with professionalism and has a willingness to work hard.
  • The member has to be passionate about gaming.

How to join free fire partner program?

Now, as we have seen about the benefits and requirements of the free fire partner program, let’s see how we can join the partner program.

  1. Open the free fire partner program website
  2. On the website’s main page, you will find an apply now button. Click on that button.
  3. Then you have to fill in all the details which are asked in a google form.
  4. After filling in all the required information, click on the submit button.

FAQ’S – Free fire partner program members list

How many are free fire partner program members in India?

There are more than 200+ free fire partner program members in the Indian server of the free fire game.

How many are free fire partner program members worldwide?

There are more than 200 free fire partner program members in every free fire server, and the number of worldwide members of the free fire partner program is closely around 2500.

Who is the most famous free fire partner program member?

Two side gamers, who are Indian Gaming content creators, are the most well-known members of the free fire partner program.


As we had seen in this post about the free fire partner program members list, we also saw some benefits and requirements for becoming a free fire partner program member. But remember that free fire had also mentioned that if you had completed all conditions for becoming a member doesn’t mean that you will be selected as a member.

There is an internal review process in which the free fire team will review each applicant, and those who pass the review procedure can become partner program members. If you have any questions about this post, do comment down. We will help you for sure. If you want to get a free DJ ALOK character in free fire, then click here.


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