How To Get The No RP Drop Card In Free Fire For Free?

How To Get The No RP Drop Card In Free Fire For Free

Dear friends, welcome to a new post that is going to be extremely important for you this very first we want to declare that do not tend to miss out on this post or skip it as you are going to suffer for it. Just we have found something crazy in the game and sure if you are unaware of it, it will be going to be proved as a blessing for you. Just find out every detail inside this post.

This post is all about obtaining a rare item in the game free fire as well as free fire max which is No RP Drop Card. Might be you are unaware of the term but we are going to explain everything in this post, you only have to read it till the last with full of interest and care. Let’s begin this post without any delay which is all about How To Get The No RP Drop-In Free Fire For Free?

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What Is No RP Drop Card In Free Fire?

Friends, if you would be playing the Battle Royale Ranked mode, you could relate to it easily. Well, whenever a game ends, your current result gets disclosed to you. If you have performed well, it would result in a positive increment in your score and if you haven’t performed well, the score would be reduced affecting your rank. This score is known as RP.

In free fire or any game, RP is the resulting point that is obtained after playing the game. But what about if you would been provided with a miracle that when you perform well, your RP will be increased and if not played well, there will?0 decrement in your RP? It is only possible because of the RP card. This card helps you to lose a 0 score in Battle Royale Ranked mode even after losing the game or getting killed at the earliest. Below are the instructions about How To Get The No RP Drop-In Free Fire For Free?

How To Get The No RP Drop Card In Free Fire For Free?

  • Login to the game
  • Go to vault section > others
  • Find the Buddy Mart tokens from there
  • Now click on exchange When you would reach the zone, you will see the No RP Drop Card there
  • You can exchange your 10 Buddy Mart tokens to get a No RP Drop Card
  • Claim it and use it in the BR Ranked mode to save your points

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So friends, is this post helpful? Today we can confirm that it’s a useful post. So be with us for more limitless information and updates along with tips and tricks regarding the games free fire and free fire max.


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