Free Fire New Redeem Codes For Airburst Entranced Bundle, And Trash Goth Jeep Skin [Reward Code For Squad Beatz Royale] (February)

Free Fire New Redeem Codes For Airburst Entranced Bundle, And Trash Goth Jeep Skin

Garena free fire has presented a new Luck royale event in the game, named Squad Beatz Royale. In this event, players can obtain Airburst Entranced Bundle & Jeep – Trash Goth skin for free in their free fire ID by spinning the luck royale wheel using 40 diamonds. 

These newly launched Airburst Entranced Bundle and Trash goth skin are attractive in looks. The Airburst Entranced Bundle comes with 3D fire animation on the shoulder and shoes of the character. The thrash goth jeep skin comes with fantastic glow-in-dark lights. Now, this Luck Royale event is trending in the free fire game. Here are the redeem codes for obtaining the rewards of this new free fire event for free, without using diamonds.

Free Fire New Redeem Codes For Airburst Entranced Bundle, And Trash Goth Jeep Skin

Squad Beatz Royale Event

Getting an airburst entranced bundle and thrash goth skin in the free fire is very effortless. First, you have to use the redeem codes given below in your free fire account using the FF redemption website, and after that, you can collect these rewards for free via the in-game mailbox of Garena free fire.

These new free fire redeem codes are specially for those players, who can’t afford to buy diamonds, and want to get rewards available in the latest event named “Squad Beatz” luck royale event for free.

Redeem Codes For Airburst Entranced Bundle, And Trash Goth Jeep Skin

Redeem Codes For Airburst Entranced Bundle, And Trash Goth Jeep Skin

Here are the latest redeem codes for Garena free fire:

  • HSS9-0DJD-DSU8
  • SHD7-DJD8-SKD8
  • S8D7-DJD7-SD70
  • SHD7-DS7S-SJD7
  • S8DH-SJD8-SJD8
  • S7SS-SJD9-DSD6
  • JSD7-SHD7-S8DH
  • S8DG-SUD7-S8DH
  • S8SH-SUD7-SHD6
Redeem CodeReward
HSA8-SHD7-SJISJeep- Thrash Goth
IAHS-DJSI-D8SJGloo Wall – Thrash Metalic
09S8-SHD7-SJDYPhoenix Guardian Bundle
SIDD-JS7D-SJDUKatana – Marron Laser
SID7-SJD7-SJD7Airburst Entranced Bundle
DJSI-SIJS-SUD8Thrash Goth Loot Box
S98D-S8D7-S8DD5x Rhythm Tokens
879S-SJUD-DJS810x Rhythm Tokens
MZBA-SD8S-DKJS15x Rhythm Tokens
D9SS-SD98-SHDY20x Rhythm Tokens
SUDI-SJSD-SJD430x Rhythm Tokens
BSHD-SUDJ-98JK40x Rhythm Tokens
MN78-BS5S-D8ALScar Phantom Assassin Weapon Loot Crate
JS5N-DSJ7-SKDLStar General Weapon Loot Crate
SJBD-ALDN-SOD82x Squad Beatz Royal Voucher
S98S-DJF7-SJD83x Squad Beatz Royal Voucher
DISD-SDJU-SJDU4x Squad Beatz Royal Voucher
SHDU-SJDU-SJDB5x Squad Beatz Royal Voucher
A8S7-S7D8-S8D89x Squad Beatz Royal Voucher

You can redeem these all mentioned codes at the FF redemption site and obtain the latest on-game items of the free fire game for free. However, one player can only use one redeem code per day to successfully acquire the “Squad Beatz” luck royale rewards.

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About the Squad Beatz Luck Royale and New Redeem Codes

As we all know, Squad Beatz Luck Royale is a new free fire event, where players can spend their diamonds to obtain new skins and bundles of free fire. Additionally, squad Beatz Luck Royale is a limited-time event, which will stay avaiable in the game until the next update. 

With the help of provided redeem codes, you can acquire the rewards of the Squad Beatz Luck Royale event for free. Redeem code is a 12 characters code developed by free fire, which can be used to obtain items of the latest free fire events without top-up and diamonds. 

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What do you think about these new free fire redeem codes? Let us know in the comments.



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