Free Fire Max OB42 Update (October 31): Features And Details

Free Fire Max OB42 Update (October 31): Features And Details

Finally, after a period of two months, we have got to see the information about the next OB update in the game Free Fire as well as Free Fire Max. The same is known as OB42. In this article, we have brought you the details and complete information about the patch notes and exclusive features of OB42. We request you to read this entire article till the end without missing any paragraphs. Let’s begin this post now.

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Free Fire OB42 Update

Free Fire Max OB42 Update (October 31): Features And Details

The next patch update in the game which is OB42 is soon going to be released for the entire community. This update will bring solid features out with it. We have arranged it for you and at the bottom of this post you can have a look at every important feature for Free Fire OB42 Update. Let us know about the launch details of Free Fire Max OB42 Update.

Free Fire Max OB42 Launch Date

If you open the game, you will be able to see the banners regarding OB42 patch updates. There you can clearly see the launch date which is 31st Of October. It means The Free Fire Max OB42 update will be launched on the 31st Of October. Let us now know all the highlighting features of this update.

What Are The Features Of Free Fire Max OB42 Update?

Free Fire Max OB42 Update (October 31): Features And Details

  1. New Patch Rewards

The first thing that every player will find is the free rewards that will include a new character and a free gun skin for Groza. The same rewards will be available to be claimed from the 31st of October to the 6th Of November. You can claim the free character and free gun skin within this period.

  1. BR Coin Changes

The second thing that is very important is the incredible coin redemption in the BR modes. A coin will be introduced that needs to be collected in the match and later can be exchanged for superb loot.

  1. New BR Items

Various new items will be introduced in the game in the BR mode and players can consume them for their benefits. Those items include:

  • Character Active Skill Cards
  • Healing UAV
  • Turret
  • Portal Go
  • Info Box
  1. Bermuda Updates

After the OB42 update, several changes in the Bermuda Map could be observed such as secrets can be found in the peak and all the water bodies on the map will be frozen

  1. Guild 2.0

This is one of the fantastic changes that is going to be introduced in the upcoming OB42 update. Accordingly, the Guild 2.0 is going to be introduced in the game which will allow players to gain additional benefits and more rewards than a regular guild. You can get a V badge for your guild if your guild stands in the top 15 picks. So get ready to enjoy an enormous update in the Free Fire OB42 update.

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So, here is an article about the upcoming feature of the Free Fire Max OB42. Hopefully, all the information is useful to you and you have found the same helpful. We keep posting such useful content regarding the games Free Fire and Free Fire Max, just keep us joined and stay tuned.


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