Free Fire Max OB40 Update Features And Details

Free Fire Max OB40 Update Features And Details

Hey friends, welcome back to a new post where we have brought you some shocking news regarding the games free fire and free fire max. In this post, we will give you an official statement regarding the news, so the assurity of the same is truly justified, and hope the update would be suitable for all of us.

Just keep reading the post till last and we shall share all the details. The post is all about a major change and major upgrade or even downgrade which is related to the most used item after guns in Free fire and free fire max that is gloo walls. Just don’t skip the post and go through it to have the information about Free Fire Max OB40 Update Features And Details.

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Free Fire Max OB40 Update Features And Details

Free Fire Max OB40 Update Features And Details

Friends, in our previous post, we shared some overview of the major changes in the game that is going to be made in OB40. In that post, we have mentioned a major change that is going to be brought into force regarding gloo walls. So here are all the details and you will have to face such an update after the patch note.

Yesterday the developers of the game free fire injected a banner that can be found in the events > news section. In that section, the banner is stating the following points.

  • In the upcoming version on 31 May 2023, we’re excited to introduce Gloo Makers to improve your Gloo Wall experience.
  • Every player will be equipped with Gloo Maker at the start of the Battle Royale match
  • Gloo Walls will be generated periodically from Gloo Makers instead of looting them from the ground.
  • Gloo Wall generation speed and max holding capacity will increase as Gloo Maker level up.

Free Fire Max OB40 Update Features And Details

They are making us aware of the end of gloo walls that we used to find as loots across the maps in the mode Battle Royale or Battle Royale Ranked. After the update onwards, it will not be available, instead, a device named gloo maker would be available to all of the players that can easily be leveled up and according to the device, the gloo Wall will be generated for you.

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So friends, overall the update is a downgrade and just I am not happy. What about you, are you happy with the update? Let us know in the comments section. Stay tuned for more such details and information about free fire and free fire max.


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