Free Fire Max OB40 Advance Server Apk And Registration

Free Fire Max OB40 Advance Server Apk And Registration

Hey friends, and welcome to a new post that we have written rapidly in order to push an update to you in a very limited time. So this post is going to be immensely important hence do not tend to leave it in mid or skip it. Just be sure to follow and read this post till last so that you could easily have all the details and approx what we are going to explain today. So let’s begin this post without any further delay.

In this article, we are going to share an update that is completely out of the game but related to the game. So today we are going to share the update about OB40 and more probably, Free Fire Max OB40 Advance Server Apk And Registration. We shall provide every instruction, do follow them.

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Free Fire Max OB40 Advance Server: Details

Free Fire Max OB40 Advance Server Apk And Registration

As you all know, every 2 months is the tenure for appearing of a new patch update or the OB update in the game free fire and free fire max. Regarding the same, the period of 2 months is going to be soon covered after the launch of the OB39 update. So, the OB40 is all set to launch and as per the systems and regulations, the OB40 update will also possess an early version so that it would prove compatible to the users. And accordingly, the advance server registration has been started, find out how to register for it.

How To Register For OB40 Advance Server In Free Fire Max?

Free Fire Max OB40 Advance Server Apk And Registration

  • First of all open the browser of your phone and search for free fire advance server
  • You would see the official website on very tap, just click on it
  • Now you have to log in using the pre-stated login methods
  • After logging in, you would be given an activation code, just copy it and paste it anywhere to be safe or take a screenshot
  • Below will be the option to download the advanced server app but it would be disabled for today as the unlocking date is 19
  • However you can get the activation code, don’t be late just take it and tomorrow we shall update you with our post to download the free fire advance server app

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So, friends, this is today’s latest update but not from the game. Hopefully, you must have found the post useful and extremely helpful. So please share it with your friends and also be connected with us for limitless updates regarding the games free fire and free fire max.


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