FFWS Event Calendar: Upcoming Events, Rewards, Missions, Highlights, And More

FFWS Event Calendar

Hello friends, we welcome you to our today’s new post. So here is an article that will surely surprise you all because the update that we will share today would seemingly destroy the wall of your merriness. Don’t you want to know what it is all about and how you will be gained quickly? Well, look at each line below, and we guarantee you will not let you go without fulfilling your gratitude.

As you all know, no tournaments were held in India or for India when free fire was banned in India. Similarly, it’s not going to be done till March 2023. Wait, even the Indian community will not have the tournament, but the FFWS will be held, and indeed the features of the same would be captured for us Indians. So basically, you will have a grand celebration of a tournament that is none other than the Free Fire World Series. Yes, in this post, we will share all the details about the upcoming FFWS 2022. Let’s begin.

FFWS Event Calendar


FFWS event calendar has been organized by the game’s developers, allowing players to gather many free rewards. So this time, we will know what they have set for us in this post, and we will have every detail of the FFWS Event Calendar: Upcoming events, Rewards, missions, highlights, and more. 

FFWS Event Calendar; Rewards & Missions

Interface highlights: Interface highlights is basically a separate corner of the game where separate missions are placed, and players need to complete all those missions or tasks in order to win rewards. The interface is quite simple and pretty to be used. This time the prizes that are getting distributed through the interface highlights are:

  • Arvon pet
  • Arvon pet skin
  • Gloo wall skin
  • Weapon and Diamond royale vouchers
  • Grenade skin

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These are the in-game missions that need to be completed, and in exchange for it, you will earn various prizes. The below-listed prizes will be distributed under this section:

  • Surfboard skin
  • Vehicle skin
  • Backpack skin 
  • Loot box skin


Finally, after all these missions and activities, players will be able to enjoy the tournament. Of course, the tournament itself is a fantastic way to claim prizes, and for sure, this time also, all the players would get some millstone to be rewarded. 

The FFWS tournament PLAY INS will be conducted on the 25th of November. The FFWS Tournament finals will be held on the 26th of November, which is the peak day for the Booyah day event.

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So these were the complete details about the FFWS Event Calendar: Upcoming events, Rewards, missions, highlights, and more. All the rewards have been mentioned, and you can complete several tasks and perform activities to claim the mentioned rewards. For more details, please stay tuned for our upcoming posts.



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