Ballsy Skaterboi Bundle Next Upcoming Bundle In Free Fire Max

Ballsy Skaterboi Bundle Next Upcoming Bundle In Free Fire Max

Hello guys, again, we are back with an interesting item that is yet to reveal on our Indian server. Soon we can see this upcoming bundle in our FF server. The name of this latest upcoming bundle is the Ballsy Skaterboi Bundle. We will explain everything about this bundle, follow our article until last. We were on a quest for any brand new bundle that is unseen, and this time, the contribution is too much effective as the bundle we are going to present may be a dream bundle of many free fire players.

We were on a round of some international servers, and we found Ballsy Skaterboi Bundle. And in this article, we will explain this bundle as well as we will review it.

Ballsy Skaterboi Bundle In Free Fire

Overview of the bundle

Ballsy Skaterboi Bundle In Free Fire

At first sight, this Ballsy Skaterboi Bundle is too eye-catching because the patterns and the color combination are made perfectly this time. The bundle is a due colour composition of white and black. The bundle’s name indicates that this bundle is sporty and looks glamorous. Taking from the top, then the bundle has a pure black coloured cap, and the hair is white. Then the bundle is followed by a mask that is also coloured black.

We can see a white coloured t-shirt that is bounded by upgraded pockets. Beneath the t-shirt, the bundle has a skinny black colour. The bundle has a pure blackish damaged trouser at the knees, and a perfect combination of shoes that seems satisfying, and everything in this bundle is well enhanced and set.

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Review of Ballsy Skaterboi Bundle

Review of Ballsy Skaterboi Bundle

Personally, I would rate it 5 out of 5 because every pattern and combination in this bundle is well carried. Especially the mask is its attractive item, and it is the hit point of this bundle. The bundle is worth buying below 1000 diamonds.

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Which event will have the Ballsy Skaterboi Bundle?

Luck royale section: This bundle first appeared in the moco store in the international server of free fire max. But as per its design and composition, there is a low chance of appearing this bundle in the moco store for the Indian server. So we can guess that this bundle might be occurred in any luck royale section or any web event because of its rareness and high demand.

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So, guys, we had again presented a new bundle before you and hoped you’d liked this bundle & had gained interest while reading this article. Stay tuned for the latest updates and news from free fire max and also for every in-game item that is possible to appear on our FF India server.


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