How To Get The New Nightfire Scar In Free Fire

How To Get The New Nightfire Scar In Free Fire


Hello friends, welcome to today’s post in which we are going to share some details about a newly launched event in free fire and free fire max. Get ready to enjoy a new item in the game and last we would state a piece of advice for you, hence don’t forget to check it out it could be done when you read this article till last. Let’s begin this article.

Guys, have you ever noticed that whenever there is a combo of two such items and state the word ‘X’ to showcase them? This is often done by the developers when there is the introduction of a new event and most probably the Moco Store. So, a new event has been launched in free fire and free fire max that is offering various useful items to players. Find out the rest details below.

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How To Get The New Nightfire Scar In Free Fire?


How To Get The New Nightfire Scar In Free Fire

Moco store is a type of event that is categorized under the luck royale section. It means you need to make spins to obtain the related items. This event is claimed to be the most useful event in the luck royale section because the Moco store contains some older and rare items as well as the most recent item.

Similarly, a new item has been launched through the event – the moco store. Guys, how many of you have noticed the loading interface of free fire after the OB38 update? Those who have noticed or you can notice now, there is scarred skin and a scythe skin in the interface. The same two skins have been disclosed and are even available to obtain through the new moco store. You can now access it via the instructions that are stated below. But before that, you need to know about the list of prizes under this event.

What is the item available in the new moco store in the free fire?

  1. Scar – Night Fire Kami
  2. Gun skin for Groza
  3. Gun skin for XM8
  4. Gun skin for AC80
  5. Gun skin for Parafal
  6. Gun skin for Mac10
    1. Stormwrath sickle Scythe
    2. Additional scythe skins
    3. Katana skins

How To Get The New Nightfire Scar In Free Fire?

  • Login to the game
  • Now go to the luck royale section
  • You can now see the new moco store event, click on the same event
  • Now you have to choose one item from the grand prize and one from the bonus prize, proceed to select the Nightfire Kami Scar and Stormwrath Sickle Scythe
  • Now you will see 4 more items would be added to the two items you have selected
  • Start making spins where the first spin will cost you 19 diamonds and the last one will cost 499 diamonds
  • A maximum of 6 spins you need to make to obtain all items including the grand prize

How many diamonds are required to obtain the Nightfire Kami Scar?

A maximum of 900 diamonds will be required for obtaining the new scar skin in the free fire. But if you are having cupid scar or the Evolutionary Scar, avoid obtaining this new skin because it’s useful unless you don’t have a cupid or evolutionary Scar.

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So friends, here was the posts about How To Get The New Nightfire Scar In Free Fire? We have shared all the relevant details and hopefully, you would have loved to keep them. Keep sharing this post and stay tuned for our upcoming posts.



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