Upcoming Woodpecker Weapon Skin In Free Fire (The Ace Gamer)

Upcoming Woodpecker Weapon Skin In Free Fire The Ace Gamer

Welcome, dear friends. Today, we are going to show an exciting and impressive upcoming item that we will see on our Free Fire Indian server soon. We can see this item in the web event. This latest item is a brand new gun skin of Woodpecker with impressive attributes. In this post, we will show it and tell you whether to buy it or not. So be with us till last.

Overview of the Upcoming Woodpecker Weapon Skin In Free Fire

The Ace Gamer

Latest the Ace Gamer weapon skin in free fire 2022

So, guys, the skin is going to be named an Ace Gamer. Basically, the ace gamer signifies the player who is a champ of ace gaming. You know that there are very limited skins of woodpecker in free fire, so if you want a skin, you must read this article thoroughly and understand its attributes and go for it.

The skin is fully based on the theme of gamers and gaming. The skin is pinkish-white in colour and has some animations. The animations are blue in colour that are in crystals form. It gives you a totally gaming vibe. The reloader part of the gun is written game over that signifies ace gamer. Moreover, you can see the picture of this skin. Below are its attributes.

Attributes of the upcoming woodpecker skin in Free Fire:

  • +   DAMAGE

In which event will we see the Upcoming woodpecker Skin In Free Fire

Web event: It is 100% confirmed that this skin will be available for the Indian Free Fire server in an upcoming web event, along with the supercharger bundle and the arcade fun Gloo wall skin. 

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Review of the Upcoming The Ace Gamer Woodpecker Skin In Free Fire

Guys, see, the woodpecker is a marksman rifle, and its firing speed is too low. So if you have a red robster woodpecker skin, then avoid this skin, and if you don’t have and you want to have one woodpecker skin, you can have this skin with more ammo and single powered damage. But you have to spend at least 800 – 1000 diamonds to have this skin.

Guys, we hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new. Have fun, and let us meet in our next article. Until then, share this post and stay tuned for more interesting posts about free fire items and news.


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