Upcoming New Bundle In Free Fire – The Colossus Bundle

Upcoming New Bundle In Free Fire The Colossus Bundle

Hello and welcome guys to our new post. This post is included with a bundle that is about to appear in our Indian server of free fire max. Knowing about any item that is not yet launched near you keeps a unique experience for you. We are here to fulfill it, so enjoy today’s article as we will present an upcoming and latest bundle in free fire max.

Upcoming New Bundle In Free Fire

The Colossus Bundle

The Colossus Bundle

So guys by the name, it is called The Colossus Bundle. Actually, Colossus means anything larger than its life version, and I think Garena had followed its meaning, and by the size, the bundle seems bulky.

The bundle is designed upon the theme of a transformer robot and is bulky in size. The whole body is covered with the bundle, and only hair and some part of the head is visible. For more reference, you can see the image below. The bundle is wearing a sunglass, and its legs and hands are too much, similar to any cartoon robot.

The bundle has a colour composition of 4 colours that includes purple, black, white, and somewhere orange. Its shoes are massive, and the most good-looking part of this bundle is its hairstyle.

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Which Event will have the Colossus Bundle?

Which Event will have the Colossus Bundle

Luck royale section

Though in a foreign server, it was a part of a luck royale, and this type of item is present diagonally to the top item in the luck royale section. So there is a higher possibility that this bundle will appear in the luck royale section on our Indian server of free fire max.

Review of the Upcoming Bundle In Free Fire: the Colossus Bundle

If anyone wants to buy it solely, please don’t go for it. The new bundle is bulky in size, not attractive, and does not have animation. However, if the bundles come in any web event, you can surely go for it.

So guys, here we end up. I hope you liked our today’s post. Stay tuned with us for the same types of articles regarding every new update and news of free fire max.


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