How To Get Guild Rewards In Free Fire Max?

How To Get Guild Rewards In Free Fire Max?

There are many such things in Free Fire and Free Fire Max games that are really amazing and these amazing thing turns into fun when you get some free stuff. Today, there are many such free things in our game. However we are going to reveal it, but if you do not know the details about it and if you want to be always aware of these details, then you can stay connected with our website where we will regularly give you updates on Free Fire News And Updates through new articles. Today’s Title is How To Get Guild Rewards In Free Fire Max?

Even today something similar is happening and what we have for you is an exciting article through which you will be able to add some items to your collection for absolutely free. Many people may know this and there are many people who do not know but today we will clear it and provide you a helping hand. Therefore, we would like to request you to read this entire article carefully till the end.

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What Is Guild Rewards In Free Fire Max?

How To Get Guild Rewards In Free Fire Max?

We think that we need not need to tell you what is a guild in Free Fire and Free Fire Max and what are its features. Through guild, you have a chance to get many rewards absolutely free and not only these rewards but also many premium rewards too.

Many of you must be knowing that Guild Activity Rewards are also some rewards that are received on the progress of the guild. In such a situation, you would have missed these progress rewards if you become unavailable in the game even for a day, but by following our special step-by-step today, you will never miss this opportunity from today onwards. If you want that you do not miss any rewards from the guild and become eligible for every items, then follow our step by step guide given below.

How To Get Guild Activity Rewards In Free Fire Max?p

How To Get Guild Rewards In Free Fire Max?
  • First of all you have to log in to the game
  • Now you have to come to the guild section
  • From here you have to tap on the prize box icon available at the left side of the screen at very bottom
  • as soon as you tap on it, you will see that some boxes will be available here which will be guild-level chests, in such cases, you can claim them from here
  • As you can see in the image, you will get boxes like this, so claim them to get the rewards
  • Later, from inside these boxes, you will get to see many other rewards too
  • If you do this daily then you will definitely get a chance to have this box sometime or the other
  • Two times in a week is a guaranteed period to claim such reward boxes so don’t give up and keep trying

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Final Words

In today’s article, we have shared a really useful tip with you, through which you will not be able to miss any guild rewards from now on. We hope that you found this article useful, so share this article with your friends and stay connected with us to read such articles regularly.


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