Upcoming Loot Box Skin In Free Fire: Latest Bathing Ducky Loot Box

Upcoming Loot Box Skin In Free Fire Bathing Ducky Loot Box

Welcome back, friends. We are still here to give you another excellent post with an upcoming in-game item in our game, free fire max. We always trend in these types of updates so keep us joined. You all know that Garena keeps bringing several newer and valuable assets every time. Some are costly, and some are free. So today, we are here to state an upcoming loot box skin in our server of free fire max. Loot boxes are generally rare in the free fire rather than any backpack skin, Gloo wall skin, or bundles, yet every loot box is unique. Today we will elaborate on this new loot box and share our opinion.

Upcoming Loot Box Skin In Free Fire


Bathing Ducky Loot Box

New Bathing Ducky Loot Box In Free Fire

The loot box will have no animation, yet it looks pretty and attractive. The name is the bathing ducky loot box that hints a duck is bathing and hence the look of this box is the same. It’s too funny to hear, but the backpack is based on the bathing duck. In fact, the box itself is a bathing duck.

A duck is lying in a bathtub that is full of water. The bathtub is cracked and has a towel. This skin will be one of the best backpack skin in free fire because the looks of this skin are adorable.

Which event will have this upcoming loot box skin in Free Fire?

Which event will have this upcoming loot box skin in Free Fire

Today, it’s not confirmed where we will see it in our Indian server of free fire max, but we predict that we can see it directly in-store or by completing fewer missions.

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Review of this Upcoming Loot Box Skin in Free Fire: Bathing Ducky Loot Box?

The latest upcoming loot box in free fire looks too pretty, and this does not need any animation because its raw look is too beautiful. I would be purchasing it if it would appear.

Hopefully, you found something new here, and we wish you to be with us because we keep bringing these types of amazing updates and news about the free fire.



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