How To Get A Fist Skin In Free Fire Max?

How To Get A Fist Skin In Free Fire Max?

If the game Free Fire is most popular for something, it could be a bundle or in game collection (skins of gun and more). The most precious assets can be found in the weapon section and moreover there is a thing that every players want to have but due to lack in its appearance, many do not have it. We are talking about a Fist Skin in Free Fire Max.

In our game Free Fire and Free Fire Max, multiple fist skins have been made available as well as an evaluation skin is too available, which is the most legendary fist skin ever. You must be having desire to equip a fist skin and appear in the match, so here is a chance that will make your dream true.

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New Event in Free Fire Max: The FWS Ring

How To Get A Fist Skin In Free Fire Max?

You are never going to get a chance to get the skin of the fist for free because the skin for fist is included in a very premium category and this is one thing that you can achieve in low diamonds but anyhow you can’t get it for free. Right now you have the best chance to get a fist skin. Here’s how.

There is a new event in the game, named as  FFWS Ring which is based on the format of the Universal Ring Event and in this event you will get a chance to achieve a lot of legendary bundles. In this event, you are also getting a chance to obtain a fist skin named Drachen Fist. It is very premium skin. If you can spend diamonds, then you should not miss it and you can easily achieve the skin by following the step-by-step guide given below.

How To Get Fist Skin In Free Fire Max : The Drachen Fist

How To Get A Fist Skin In Free Fire Max?

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  • First of all you have to log in to the game
  • Now you have to come to the Luck Royale Section or you have to click on the same banner as stated in the image above
  • You will now be at the event page
  • You have to start spinning from here
  • Because it is a universal ring-based event, you will either get a grand prize in exchange for spinning in this event or some tokens will be provided in return for which you can exchange that grand prize
  • If you are not able to achieve the skin of this fist even after making a lot of spins, then make sure, you have 200 tokens which you can collect by after making spins
  • Now go to the exchange zone from the same event page and exchange 200 tokens to get The Drachen Fist Skin


Through this article, we have told you how you can easily achieve a fist skin in Free Fire Max. We would like to request you do not lose this opportunity because the skin for Fist does not come in our game regularly. Hope you find this article useful, thus share it to your friends and stay connected with us for such useful and beneficial posts regarding the games Free Fire & Free Fire Max.


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